‘If I were a Grammy judge, I wouldn’t nominate’ Water ‘: Bad Bunny on J Balvin

If I were a Grammy judge I wouldnt nominate Water

Recently Bad bunny was in an interview on ‘Alofoke radio show’, a station in the Dominican Republic, where he has been for a month, creating new music. In the middle of the conversation, they touched on the controversy over the Grammy awards between J Balvin and Resident. The Puerto Rican confessed that he is a … Read more

Hotels in Annecy: ten unexpected establishments, feet in the water, unusual or romantic

Hotels in Annecy ten unexpected establishments feet in the water

The little Venice of the Alps remains one of the favorite destinations for epicureans who alternate good food, walks in the old town and lazing around or cycling by the lake for a good part of the year. Our good addresses for a weekend or more. The Boutik Hotel, the most decorative Undoubtedly the most … Read more

In “Nothing to declare”, Richard Ford stirs the murky water where “homo americanus” acclimates

In Nothing to declare Richard Ford stirs the murky water

September 17, 2021 Today at 20:02 Happiness cracks noiselessly in “Nothing to Declare”, the finely-tuned short stories of American author Richard Ford. Nothing to report? Nothing, if not the life which goes by, the death of a spouse or of a father and the peaceful routine which reinstalls itself over the breakup. In a low … Read more

Streaming. “Squid Game” or “The North Water”: on our screens this week

Streaming Squid Game or The North Water on our screens

The phenomenon: “Squid Game”, on Netflix Even if it was released on September 17, it is not too late to see the series “Squid Game”, program number 1 in more than 90 countries on Netflix. First of all, let’s lay the foundations of “Squid Game” – the squid game, in French: we follow 456 people, … Read more

Refusal of the trophy, Angelina Jolie jumps into the water: the Golden Globes in five shock sequences

Refusal of the trophy Angelina Jolie jumps into the water

The history of the award ceremony, the 78th edition of which will take place this Sunday evening in the United States, is paved with moments of anthology. Golden Globes night, which traditionally kicks off Hollywood film awards season, has a reputation for sometimes holding surprises, especially when the stars in formal wear have lightly abused … Read more

7 reasons why the shape of water still deserves its Oscar for best picture

7 reasons why the shape of water still deserves its

From visionary director Guillermo del Toro, Pan’s Labrynth glory, comes a fantasy love movie that blew up its competition at the 90th Academy Awards. Nominated in thirteen categories, The shape of water won Oscars for Best Production Design, Best Original Music, Best Director, and Best of Motion Picture, Best Picture. Faced with memorable selections like … Read more

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