Pulitzer: war against Trump’s “fake news” rewarded

Pulitzer war against Trumps fake news rewarded

Published on : 04/11/2017 – 14:42Modified : 04/11/2017 – 20:16 On the evening of Monday April 10, the award ceremony for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize was held. Every year since 1917, he has returned to the best journalistic works published the previous year in American newspapers. Between a particularly agitated electoral campaign, long-term surveys and … Read more

Bayeux price. Deghati: “I do not encourage people to go to the war zone”

Bayeux price Deghati I do not encourage people to go

Through Jeanne Cridling Published on 8 Oct 21 at 19:45 The Renaissance le Bessin See my news Follow this media Manoocher Deghati exhibits his photos in the streets of Bayeux. 25 photos in large format to discover until October 31. (© The Renaissance) News: Manoocher Deghati, you are president of the Bayeux Prize jury, why … Read more

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