Colette: the incredible story of a resistant Norman, awarded at the Oscars

Colette the incredible story of a resistant Norman awarded at

The documentary won the Oscar for best documentary short. It traces the work of memory carried out by a young historian and a nonagenarian from Normandy whose brother, resistant like her, died in a concentration camp at the age of seventeen. The story seems invented as befits a Hollywood production. And yet. Colette, a film … Read more

Pablo Neruda: the hidden story behind winning the Nobel – La Tercera

1634502175 Pablo Neruda the hidden story behind winning the Nobel

ANDhe telegram from the Chilean Embassy in Sweden arrived urgently in Santiago. It was October 20, 1971 and despite how short the wording of his message usually is, he brought one of those news that are to be framed. “Confidential information held by the Embassy indicates that the Nobel Prize would be awarded tomorrow by … Read more

Winner of two Pulitzers, Colson Whitehead tells the story of US racism – Les Inrocks

Winner of two Pulitzers Colson Whitehead tells the story of

Crowned with a second Pulitzer, the African-American author publishes Nickel Boys : a dark and shocking seventh novel which extends his work of exploring the racist history of the United States. One of the events of the literary season. They are now four. Only two pairs of writers to have twice received the prestigious Pulitzer … Read more

93rd Academy Awards | Academy Awards, an African-American story

1634263244 93rd Academy Awards Academy Awards an African American story

More than ever, the Oscars evening which will take place on Sunday is placed under the sign of diversity. Thus, 9 of the 20 finalists for the performance awards are not white. For this 2021 gala, the site lists 23 quotes from finalists for members of Afro-descendant communities, including 6 among the actors. Clear … Read more

“Nickel Boys” by Colson Whitehead, a story of racism and impunity – Jeune Afrique

1634260543 Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead a story of racism and

The Pulitzer Prize-winning new novel by Colson Whitehead, “Nickel Boys,” is inspired by the true story of boys being abused and abused in a Florida reformatory. What really happened to the boys at Dozier School for Boys in Florida? At the end of an investigation, launched shortly after the final closure in 2011 of this … Read more

Devin Booker will personally take care of “Mr. Suns in 4!” : the apology for violence is blah, but the story is crazy

Devin Booker will personally take care of Mr Suns in

Devin Booker has visibly crawled his Twitter and Instagram feed over the past few days and hasn’t missed the Ball Arena brawler story. This Suns fan, beating two Nuggets supporters in Denver by proclaiming the famous “Suns in 4!” “, Sometimes made people laugh, sometimes made people talk. He especially caught the eye of Book, … Read more

Golden Globes: The Story Behind Marilyn Monroe’s Stunning 1962 Dress

1634161135 Golden Globes The Story Behind Marilyn Monroes Stunning 1962 Dress

She may have been one of the biggest stars in old Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe never won many awards when she was at the peak of her career. In fact, the ceremony of Golden Globes 1962 is one of the few occasions when the actress has been recognized for her talents. That year, Monroe indeed received … Read more

Stroll with Jean-Paul Gaultier in “CinéMode”, his story of a liberated woman …

1634138854 Stroll with Jean Paul Gaultier in CineMode his story of a

Too tight in “short fashion”, Jean-Paul Gaultier opens up to other horizons, showing in an exhibition in Paris the rise of women, from Marilyn Monroe to the “super-heroine” of the film Titanium, the last Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. “Feminist, I always have been. I wanted to show the evolution of women and … Read more

Outfit story: why Natalie Portman changed her dress at the last minute at the 2011 Oscars? – She

Outfit story why Natalie Portman changed her dress at the

February 27, 2011. For the 83e Oscars ceremony, Natalie Portman is one of the most anticipated guests of the evening. After the box office success of the film “Black Swan”, the young woman named in the category “best actress” confirms her status as a planetary star. On the red carpet, the actress appears all smiles, … Read more

Jazz en Tête, a story of generations | 7 Days in Clermont

Like every year, Jazz en Tête will be a great crossover of generations of musicians. The youngest will be able to rub shoulders with seniors who wrote the first hours of the Clermont-Ferrand festival, already 30 years ago. Winton Marsalis, Kenny Garrett, Kirk Lightsey: the names of these three musicians already appeared on the posters … Read more

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