“Squid Game”, “Parasite”, K-Pop… South Korean soft-power at its peak?

Squid Game Parasite K Pop… South Korean soft power at its peak

Interview 22 October 2021 The current success of the series Squid Game highlights South Korea on the world cultural scene, an influence that the country has maintained for years. Yet this series, just like the multi-award winning film Parasite are very critical of South Korean society. What do they tell us? Can we nevertheless speak … Read more

“Squid Game”, South Korean soft-power at its peak

Squid Game South Korean soft power at its peak

Squid Game, it’s a life-size game where to win, you have to survive. Because over the course of the trials, inspired by the world of childhood, the participants who fail are executed by organizers in fuchsia pink overalls who never show their face. It’s ultra-violent and completely offbeat. >> “Squid Game”, the dystopian and bloody … Read more

Hank Gilbert