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essai Steven Soderbergh the anatomy of fluids circulations networks and

Astonishing addition to the already rich collection of author analyzes offered by Playlist Society, Fluid Anatomy is one of the most original: by offering a reflection on the work of a director as changeable and elusive as Steven Soderbergh, Pauline Guedj is doing very well! Erin Brockovich – Copyright Jersey Films Among the contemporary filmmakers, … Read more

“Steven Soderbergh, anatomy of fluids”, another work by Pauline Guedj

1637339263 Steven Soderbergh anatomy of fluids another work by Pauline Guedj

Cannes, 1989. Steven Soderbergh receives the Palme d’Or at Cannes for his first feature film, Sex, Lies and Video. Thirty-five films and four seasons of series later, he has become a key figure in the American audiovisual industry. Prolific, daring, Soderbergh scrambles the tracks, linking blockbusters (the trialogy of the Ocean’s, Erin Brockovich, Contagion …) … Read more

A book to decipher the work and spirit of director Steven Soderbergh published by Playlist Society, released on November 16, 2021

1636604635 A book to decipher the work and spirit of director

Since its Palme d’Or collected at Cannes in 1989, Steven soderbergh has directed around thirty feature films and series, produced films, including Christopher nolan (Insomnia) or Todd haynes (Far from paradise). Navigating between commercial opus carried by prestigious castings and more intimate films, he is the author of a complex and varied work, far from … Read more