Milwaukee Bucks salaries for the 2021-22 season: a luxury tax is the price to pay for luxury around your fingers

Milwaukee Bucks salaries for the 2021 22 season a luxury

Welcome to the most extensive bank in Wisconsin, but above all the official jewelry store of the reigning champions. Since five years, Jon horst builds his herd around Giannis Antetokounmpo and does not hesitate to put the small dishes in the big ones to satisfy his freak whatever the cost. Ticket distributions at the Fiserv … Read more

Miami Heat salaries for the 2021-22 season: a warm Big Four for a few years, and around it tinkering

Miami Heat salaries for the 2021 22 season a warm Big

If Pat Riley was known to be a poor manager… that would know. Patoche’s masterclass this summer with the arrivals of Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker, as the mafia presi succeeded in making Victor Oladipo believe that he had become Frank Ntilikina. In the end some take a maximum kichta but overall the bank account … Read more

The salaries of the 2021-22 season of the Phoenix Suns: great sun in the banks of Arizona but beware, the young Cacti are greedy

The salaries of the 2021 22 season of the Phoenix Suns

After surprising the basketball world by reaching the NBA Finals last June, the Suns are now one of the darlings of any fan of the orange ball. So, with the extension of Chris Paul and a Devin Booker happier than ever, the James Jones franchise is doing well on all fronts, including the salary plan, … Read more

Brooklyn Nets salaries for the 2021-22 season: three superstars with max contracts, success is priceless at Sean Marks

Brooklyn Nets salaries for the 2021 22 season three superstars with

Welcome to the land of Sean Marks where everything is excessiveness and opulence, both in terms of talent and finances. In five years of service, GM has transformed the Nets to today build a workforce that even the Monstars are jealous of. And Brooklyn may be a big market, the owners are still forced to … Read more

How to Lock in Your Flight Fares, Travel Like Kings! This holiday season is all about flexibility and air travel

How to Lock in Your Flight Fares Travel Like Kings

Stephen Alden, CEO of Raffles & Orient Express, points out that several extraordinary resort projects are making headlines with the opening of Raffles Udaipur and Raffles The Palm, Dubai. (Image: Raffles The Palm, Dubai) It’s easy to bask in a party atmosphere this season and travel like royalty! With more and more people keen to … Read more

Utah Jazz salaries for the 2021-22 season: the bill is hefty for Mormons, but there’s no fire at the Lake either

Utah Jazz salaries for the 2021 22 season the bill is

Who says high hopes for a title says very thick payroll, and even more so when it comes to a small market like that of Utah. The management of Dennis Lindsey has for years been building its workforce around the local duo Gobert – Mitchell by recruiting interesting free agents, yes, but at a high … Read more

‘The Crown’ season 5: release date, cast, trailer, plot – everything we know so far

The Crown season 5 release date cast trailer plot

Posted on October 8, 2021, 5:32 PM Netflix’s hit series The Crown will have a fifth season and is set to cover the 1990s, a tumultuous time for the British monarchy, including the year Queen Elizabeth II described as her “annus horribilis”. The upcoming series will see a whole new cast playing members of the … Read more

Philadelphia Sixers salaries for the 2021-22 season: a PV on Daryl Morey’s car, and yet the accounts are well managed

Philadelphia Sixers salaries for the 2021 22 season a PV on

Giving yourself the means to keep one of the best interiors of your generation – if not the most dominant – necessarily requires small sacrifices. Hop, the taxes show up at the door of Philly which nibbles at the luxury tax. Small problem is that it is not likely to calm down over the next … Read more

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