Pastry: the best Paris-Brest in the department is made in Saint-Nazaire

1637836353 Pastry the best Paris Brest in the department is made in

Through Melissa Dupin Published on 25 Nov 21 at 10:47 updated 25 Nov 21 at 10:48 Echo of the Peninsula See my news Follow this media Paris-Brest Camille Moreau, from the Moreau bakery in Saint-Nazaire, was voted the best in Loire-Atlantique © Mélissa DUPIN It is at Saint Nazaire that we can taste the best … Read more

The Baule. Death of Tony Molière, figure of cinema, from Saint-Nazaire to Guérande

1636993625 The Baule Death of Tony Moliere figure of cinema from

“He was the soul of cinema in La Baule and in the region, for more than forty years”, reacts Sam Bobino, president of the La Baule film festival. “A Bauloise figure, a must in French cinema”, adds Mayor Franck Louvrier. Tony Moliere passed away at the age of 87, Sunday evening November 14. He had … Read more