(Sir) Sean Connery’s Last Big Role (on Blu-ray and DVD)

Sir Sean Connerys Last Big Role on Blu ray and DVD

Artistic note: (3.5 / 5) Synopsis At 16, Jamal Wallace, keen on writing, lets himself be drawn into a stupid bet and breaks into William Forrester’s apartment. As he ran away in a hurry, he forgets his bag containing his manuscripts. When he ends up recovering them he realizes that his texts have been corrected … Read more

Pulp Fiction: the role of Vincent Vega was written for another

Pulp Fiction the role of Vincent Vega was written for

Focus on “Pulp Fiction”, the gangster film by Quentin Tarantino which marked the history of cinema. Did you know that the role of Vincent Vega, played by the famous John Travolta, had to go to another actor? pulp Fiction : the consecration of Tarantino For the little story, pulp Fiction is the third film directed … Read more

Renée Zellweger unrecognizable: the actress totally transformed for her future role

1634388801 Renee Zellweger unrecognizable the actress totally transformed for her future

On the set of the a new miniseries, Renée Zellweger is unrecognizable. For this new character, the actress must wear many facial and body prostheses. An impressive transformation. Renée Zellweger bangs hard for her new role. While she was chosen to play the character of Pamela Hupp, she is unrecognizable. Indeed, she will play the … Read more