Residente returns to the charge against J Balvin: the controversy over the boycott of the Latin Grammys

1634650423 Residente returns to the charge against J Balvin the controversy

A few days ago René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, the former Calle 13 singer, lashed out at J Balvin for promoting the boycott of the Latin Grammy Awards. According to Balvin, the organizers of these important awards for music in Spanish had put aside the nominations of the urban genre. Residente, in a … Read more

J Balvin and his last month between controversies: Residente, the Grammys and the sexist video

J Balvin and his last month between controversies Residente the

Terrible almost three weeks of J Balvin. The 36-year-old singer was disapproved of by various musical artists, including the well-known response from Resident. Several days later the song “Perra” was published and was reported in comments until YouTube removed it. It all started with the Colombian’s absence for the twenty-second edition of the awards Latin … Read more

Grammys, Moralism and Hot Dogs: What’s really behind the fight between J Balvin and Residente?

1634142856 Grammys Moralism and Hot Dogs Whats really behind the fight

This is the image with which J Balvin responded to Residente after he said that his music was like a cart of ‘hot dogs’. José Osorio tweets and J Balvin deletes it. René Pérez answers him in an Instagram video that Residente later removes. The individual speaks and the artist censors him. What, if anything, … Read more

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