The 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics: A recognition of quality empirical work

The 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics A recognition of quality

By: Marcelo Perera * Economists often ask questions that refer to cause and effect relationships. For example, what is the impact on employment of a rise in the minimum wage? And the impact of immigration on the employment opportunities of natives? And the effect of fertility on labor participation? Theory is fundamental to order the … Read more

Controversy at the Golden Globes: towards an increase in the recognition of minorities on the screen? – She

Controversy at the Golden Globes towards an increase in the

In France, the debate is taking shape more timidly. The Césars 2020 ceremony is a turning point for an industry that speaks little on the subject. On the stage of the Salle Pleyel, the actress Aïssa Maga counts on the fingers of one hand the non-white talents nominated for the Caesar and confronts French cinema … Read more