Real estate: 5 good reasons to live in Cannes

Real estate 5 good reasons to live in Cannes

Stroll on the Croisette It is the emblematic place of Cannes! With its 3 kilometers long, its palm trees, its large sandy beach, its mythical palaces and its casinos, the famous Croisette offers you a magnificent paradisiacal panorama on the big blue. Walk the Chemin des Etoiles to discover the footprints of the greatest actors … Read more

“Squid Game”: the reasons for success

1634230528 Squid Game the reasons for success

Posted on Oct 14, 2021, 5:59 PM There are phenomena that we do not see coming. South Korean dystopian drama, “Squid Game” not only surprised but reshuffled the back-to-school television. While the giant Netflix was betting instead on the earthy fiction “Sex Education”, season three, to catch the eye of its young viewers, this new … Read more

7 reasons why the shape of water still deserves its Oscar for best picture

7 reasons why the shape of water still deserves its

From visionary director Guillermo del Toro, Pan’s Labrynth glory, comes a fantasy love movie that blew up its competition at the 90th Academy Awards. Nominated in thirteen categories, The shape of water won Oscars for Best Production Design, Best Original Music, Best Director, and Best of Motion Picture, Best Picture. Faced with memorable selections like … Read more

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