Devin Booker mène les Phoenix Suns à une 15e victoire consécutive en perdant 32 points contre les Knicks de New York | Nouvelles de la NBA – News 24

1638018104 Devin Booker mene les Phoenix Suns a une 15e victoire

Devin Booker a marqué 32 points alors que les Phoenix Suns ont battu les New York Knicks 118-97 vendredi soir pour leur 15e victoire consécutive, égalant la deuxième plus longue séquence de victoires de l’histoire de la franchise. Chris Paul a récolté 14 points et 10 passes décisives pour aider les Suns à passer à … Read more

NBA (preseason): Utah finishes strong, Dallas and Ntilikina humiliate Charlotte, Booker boosts Phoenix

Aurélien CANOT, Media365, published on Thursday, October 14, 2021 at 09:46 a.m. Utah ended the NBA preseason on a high note, with a home victory over champion Milwaukee. Dallas and Frank Ntilikina humiliated Charlotte in North Carolina. Health walk also for Phoenix against Portland for the big comeback of an already huge Devin Booker. A … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix wins the Bafta for Best Actor, Renée Zellweger for Best Actress, 1917 for Best Picture

Joaquin Phoenix wins the Bafta for Best Actor Renee Zellweger

Joaquin Phoenix won Sunday, during the British Cinema Awards in London, the Bafta for Best Actor for his title role in the film “Joker”. One week before the US Oscars, Sam Mendes’ historic action film “1917” triumphed at the British Film Awards on Sunday night in London, beating a massive box office hit “Joker” who … Read more

Basketball – NBA – Phoenix, Milwaukee, Boston and the Clippers beaten, night of defeats for the favorites in the NBA

Basketball NBA Phoenix Milwaukee Boston and the Clippers

Rough night for the NBA teams at home. Last season’s finalists Milwaukee and Phoenix, like Boston and the Clippers, lost to supposedly weaker franchises. Despite the 40 points of Giannis Antetokounmpo or the 31 of Devin Booker. As the Lakers and Brooklyn, most of the teams with some ambition for the NBA season lost on … Read more

NBA: Paul – Booker – Ayton: how the Phoenix Suns built the League’s most complementary Big 3

NBA Paul Booker Ayton how the Phoenix Suns

July 2019. Chris Paul has just completed the season with his smallest production in his career: only 58 games, barely 15 points and 41% success on penalties. All for over $ 35 million. The Rockets, out of the shot, came out in the second round of the playoffs, beaten by the Warriors for the second … Read more

The salaries of the 2021-22 season of the Phoenix Suns: great sun in the banks of Arizona but beware, the young Cacti are greedy

The salaries of the 2021 22 season of the Phoenix Suns

After surprising the basketball world by reaching the NBA Finals last June, the Suns are now one of the darlings of any fan of the orange ball. So, with the extension of Chris Paul and a Devin Booker happier than ever, the James Jones franchise is doing well on all fronts, including the salary plan, … Read more

NBA – How Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns) Became A Real NBA Boss

NBA How Devin Booker Phoenix Suns Became A Real

No one could foresee the sudden and refreshing rise of the Phoenix Suns. Not even the franchise itself. Who could have really imagined that this team that finished the season with 19 poor wins in 2019 would play the Conference finals in 2021? Who could have imagined that she would even be in a position … Read more