“Under the sun of Pialat”, on Arte: the filmmaker of pain

1634579306 Under the sun of Pialat on Arte the filmmaker of

Director Maurice Pialat during the filming of “A nos amours” (1983). WILLIAM KAREL / SYGMA CORBIS ARTE – MONDAY, OCTOBER 18 AT 10:35 PM – DOCUMENTARY You have just (re) seen, at 8:50 p.m., We won’t grow old together (1972), this vivisection of an impossible love, and you continue with Under the sun of Pialat, … Read more

“The pain is in the brain: you can feel it in a part of the body that you no longer have”

The pain is in the brain you can feel it

More than three decades ago, an 18-year-old boy served sandwiches at a fast food joint in Los Angeles, wearing his uniform beanie. He was a refugee of Armenian descent who had just arrived in the United States fleeing the civil war in his native Lebanon. Desperate, he started working on anything, even writing horoscopes. This … Read more

Nobel Prize in Medicine explains what we would need to stop feeling pain

Nobel Prize in Medicine explains what we would need to

Days after being recognized with the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his findings on the perception of heat and cold, Professor David julius explains the importance of studying all the components of “the inflammatory soup” that help to alert the body to wounds. Julius, professor and head of the department of physiology at the University … Read more

The Nobel Prize in Medicine is the prelude to ending pain

1634237687 The Nobel Prize in Medicine is the prelude to ending

Photography: Media 🔊 Listen to the note Guadalajara Jalisco. As soon as the award ceremony was announced, criticism rained down. Why after the most important discovery of the century, the COVID-19 vaccine, none of its promoters won the Nobel Prize in Medicine? The answer is more than clear: the discovery of scientists David Julius and … Read more

Patapoutian: “the door has been opened to tackle chronic pain”

1634134618 Patapoutian the door has been opened to tackle chronic pain

This year’s Nobel Prize in Medicine has advocated, in an interview with EL MÉDICO INTERACTIVO, for promoting basic sciences, “because they offer extraordinary surprises for applications against diseases” October 13, 2021. 10:00 am In all cultures and in all religions the pain linked to human existence itself appears. Valley of tears, you will give birth … Read more

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