CANNES: The end of year celebrations at the Hôtel Martinez – PACA’s economic and political newsletter

1637773733 CANNES The end of year celebrations at the Hotel Martinez

The legendary Hôtel Martinez, on the Croisette in Cannes, an emblem of refinement and elegance, embellishes the end-of-year celebrations and offers an exceptional program for successful festivities. Between design, gastronomy, entertainment and relaxation, the Hotel Martinez is happy to mark the passage in 2022 in an unforgettable way. On this occasion, the two-star Chef Christian … Read more

PARIS: BookingSync, best partner of Airbnb, and Expedia – PACA’s economic and political newsletter

PARIS BookingSync best partner of Airbnb Bookingcom and

The only connectivity provider to have achieved such a level of performance with the three giants of the accommodation industry (Airbnb, and Expedia Group), the French company BookingSync is proud to announce today this success. When in 2009 BookingSync created for professionals the very first channel manager and PMS (Property Management System) dedicated to … Read more