“Natural Experiments and International Politics”, by Farid Kahhat

Natural Experiments and International Politics by Farid Kahhat

According to the criteria of Know more What is the surest way to establish that a certain drug cures a certain disease? In natural science the answer is simple: designing controlled experiments. For example, people with similar characteristics are brought together who are randomly assigned to two groups: a control group and a treatment group. … Read more

Conservation of natural spaces: lessons from the territories of life in Morocco and the Mediterranean

Conservation of natural spaces lessons from the territories of life

Like olive oil or the Mediterranean diet, pastoralism is emblematic in the Mediterranean. At the same time, here the speed of climate change is greater than that indicated by global trends. Since 2011, the cultural landscapes of Mediterranean agropastoralism, such as the Causse Méjean in France, they have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage … Read more

Nobel Prize in Economics 2021: An Austrian Perspective on Natural Experiments

Nobel Prize in Economics 2021 An Austrian Perspective on Natural

There were three recognized economists with this title. (File) On October 11, the winners of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics were announced. In this case, there were three economists recognized with this title. One of them, David Card, has generated a lot of debate for his work on the effects of the minimum wage … Read more

Today I want to talk to you about the Nobel Prize in economics and “the Swiss army knife of the natural experiment” – Opinion – Elentrerios.com

Today I want to talk to you about the Nobel

It is not easy to explain what causes the results we observe. For example, we know that private school children have better adult jobs, but to what extent is that a consequence of their education, and to what extent is both work and school a consequence of their parents being richer? In the real world … Read more