Does Giving Money Reduce Poverty? Paul Romer, Nobel Laureate in Economics, has the answer

Does Giving Money Reduce Poverty Paul Romer Nobel Laureate in

Direct money transfers by governments do not help to solve the problems of unemployment and poverty in the nations. so direct stimuli and aggressive interventions are required in times of recession, said Paul Romer, 2018 Nobel Laureate in Economics. Incentive systems require more direct intervention, which could be helpful and more aggressive in getting people … Read more

How much money does Rosalía have: the business with which she is generating a fortune

1637161052 How much money does Rosalia have the business with which

There was a moment, back in the year 2018, when he released his acclaimed album ‘The evil wanting’, which Rosalía’s ‘boom’ it seemed to have no roof. Televisions, radios, social networks, mass media … it was almost an omnipresent phenomenon. Now, with the exception of the collaborations that he is taking out (not minor, by … Read more

Literature: how much money do the most important prizes in the world give?

Literature how much money do the most important prizes in

Recently, the Planeta de Novela Prize raised its prize to one million euros (almost 1.16 million dollars, or just over 23.5 million pesos) according to its president, José Creuheres, making him one of the best financially gifted in the world. The Spanish Group Planeta announced this Thursday, on the eve of the award of the … Read more