They gave nine years in prison to a teacher who sexually abused a minor in a CDMX school

They gave nine years in prison to a teacher who

(Photo: special) After more than four years, the Judge Pablo Picazo Fosado, of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, issued conviction of Abram “N”, a teacher who sexually abused a minor within the facilities of a school in the capital of the country. According to the evidence presented by the agents of the … Read more

Life in suspense: Nanni Moretti in minor mode in Tre Piani

Life in suspense Nanni Moretti in minor mode in Tre

With Tre Piani, Nanni Moretti signs an intimate choral drama that he fails, however, to make vibrate. Meeting, in Cannes. Discovering Titanium, the Cannes Palme d’Or, a few days after the festival, Nanni Moretti cracked a reaction tinged with bitter irony on his Instagram account: “To grow old suddenly. It happens. Especially when one of … Read more

An odyssey in (Arthur) Minor mode: Andrew Sean Greer, Pulitzer Prize 2018, “Shit”…

1635521948 An odyssey in Arthur Minor mode Andrew Sean Greer Pulitzer

Deceptive: it is the adjective (English) that immediately comes to mind once you have finished reading the Tribulations of Arthur Minor, signed Andrew Sean Greer, which has just been published by Jacqueline Chambon in a translation by Gilbert Cohen-Solal. Deceptive and yet Pulitzer Prize 2018. On paper this novel had everything to please: Arthur Mineur … Read more

“Les Tribulations d’Arthur Minor” by Andrew Sean Greer: Pulitzer Prize 2018 – Toutelaculture

1634473701 Les Tribulations dArthur Minor by Andrew Sean Greer Pulitzer Prize

A true travelogue but also a romantic comedy, the Pulitzer 2018 focuses not without humor on the doubts of a homosexual writer as he approaches his fifties. Less is more. Arthur Minor (Arthur Less in the original American version) has the persistent impression of missing out on his life and his dreams: approaching his fifties, … Read more