“I was busy dissolving Nobel prizes while the Nazis occupied Copenhagen”: this is how they managed to save two of the prestigious medals

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The well-known Nobel laureates are ironically sometimes ironically mysterious, or rather their circumstances. And we are not talking about the fact that they can surrender for discovering dark secrets of the universe, if not for the fact that they disappear or even that someone has come to dissolve Nobel Prizes to hide them.

Beyond the prestige that receiving it entails, at least for the moment, the Awards have their physical medal, which for many perhaps has much more value than the symbolic one in the case of gold. Of course, while since 1980 they have been made with recycled 18-karat gold, previously they were made with 23 karat gold, being somewhat heavier and larger, and apparently in a certain context it was necessary to save three of these original medals from being stolen.

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Philadelphia Sixers salaries for the 2021-22 season: a PV on Daryl Morey’s car, and yet the accounts are well managed

Philadelphia Sixers salaries for the 2021 22 season a PV on

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