After K-pop, K-lit? Why young Korean authors are a hit in Japan

1637900152 After K pop K lit Why young Korean authors are a hit

Some Korean works popular in Japan, and even translated into French As is the case around the world, publishing in Japan has seen a lot of setbacks for several decades, with declining sales due to competition from the Internet. Nevertheless, one of the recent works to reverse this trend is the Korean novel. Kim Jiyoung, … Read more

Squid Game, K-pop or space rocket, South Korea orchestrates its international influence

Squid Game K pop or space rocket South Korea orchestrates its.image

TV series, music, cooking, new technologies or the economy, South Korea is currently shining brightly. It must be said that the authorities are betting a lot on this new international reputation to exist against the neighboring giants. South Korea’s Samsung-branded phones have long been known, making the country the world’s largest smartphone and chip maker. … Read more

“Squid Game”, “Parasite”, K-Pop… South Korean soft-power at its peak?

Squid Game Parasite K Pop… South Korean soft power at its peak

Interview 22 October 2021 The current success of the series Squid Game highlights South Korea on the world cultural scene, an influence that the country has maintained for years. Yet this series, just like the multi-award winning film Parasite are very critical of South Korean society. What do they tell us? Can we nevertheless speak … Read more