The Bucks will be entitled to their ring tonight at 12:45 am: fall conclusion of a hot summer!

The Bucks will be entitled to their ring tonight at

Tonight, it’s the big night ! After winning the NBA title in July, the Milwaukee Bucks will embark on the defense of their own. But before the battle, make way for the reward with the delivery of the champion’s ring and the addition of a new banner. Wisconsin fans watch out for the ugly dust … Read more

Accusations of corruption, lack of diversity, questionable selection: the Golden Globes in the hot seat

Accusations of corruption lack of diversity questionable selection the Golden

The Golden Globes will be handed out this Sunday, February 28. As every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will reward the actors, directors, films and series judged to be the best. But revelations about the organization of this ceremony undermine this regularly criticized institution. The Golden Globe Awards will be presented this Sunday, February … Read more

Grammys, Moralism and Hot Dogs: What’s really behind the fight between J Balvin and Residente?

1634142856 Grammys Moralism and Hot Dogs Whats really behind the fight

This is the image with which J Balvin responded to Residente after he said that his music was like a cart of ‘hot dogs’. José Osorio tweets and J Balvin deletes it. René Pérez answers him in an Instagram video that Residente later removes. The individual speaks and the artist censors him. What, if anything, … Read more

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