Tigray conflict: Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prize winner, is on the front lines

Tigray conflict Ethiopias Prime Minister Nobel Peace Prize winner is

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, in a file image in Khartoum (EFE / EPA / MORWAN ALI) The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, went out to the front lines to take over a one year war as rival fighters approach the capitalhis government announced on Wednesday. State media … Read more

Haile Gebrselassie, from Olympic champion to Ethiopia’s military in the Tigray War

Haile Gebrselassie from Olympic champion to Ethiopias military in the

Related news TO Haile Gebrselassie He had no choice but to run to get to his school, located about 10 kilometers from his home. He was just four years old when he underwent the winding political transition in his country, Ethiopia, after the death of the emperor Haile selassie. Thus a legend was created that … Read more

Ethiopia’s Nobel Peace Prize Says Troops Will Lead Rebel Front | In Spanish. – Spanish News World.

1637750081 Ethiopias Nobel Peace Prize Says Troops Will Lead Rebel Front

“Starting tomorrow I will go to the forefront of the war to personally lead the defense forces,” he wrote in a Twitter statement Monday night, urging citizens to “lead the country with sacrifice” and join it. “Those of you who claim to be one of the children of Ethiopia, who will go down in history, … Read more

Juan Manuel Santos started talks for a ceasefire in Ethiopia’s civil war

Juan Manuel Santos started talks for a ceasefire in Ethiopias

June 11, 2021. Former President Juan Manuel Santos gives testimony before the Truth Commission about false positives, in a space with which that body seeks to provide context and help understand one of the greatest crimes recorded in the armed conflict in our country. country. (Courtesy – Truth Commission) In the last hours it was … Read more

Ethiopia’s multi-ethnic state is in danger of collapsing | DW | 04.11.2021

1636069349 Ethiopias multi ethnic state is in danger of collapsing DW

When US special envoy Jeffrey Feltman once again travels to Addis Ababa, the international community will be making one last desperate attempt to rescue the tottering giant in the Horn of Africa. Feltman will try to persuade Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to agree to a ceasefire and peace talks. The goal: to end the … Read more