Can Bitcoin Really Die? (Remembering points from a Nobel Prize in Economics) |

Can Bitcoin Really Die Remembering points from a Nobel Prize

I confess that I am an advocate of the project beyond what its price in dollars represents. But we are going to study it impartially, analyzing some points that Eric Maskin (2007 Nobel Prize in Economics, Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University) has made publicly known very well, who considers himself a skeptic on the … Read more

[VIDEO] Today José Saramago would be 99 years old: Facts and phrases of the Nobel Prize that do not die

Jose Saramago was born on a day like today, November 16, 1922, in the Portuguese city of Azinhaga, in a home made up of Jose de Sousa and his mother, Maria de Piedade, both were peasants who did not own land and who were also low-income. This economic condition influenced the thoughts of this author … Read more