Of controversies they know: The 10 milestones of the MTV Video Music Awards

In collective memory, the opinion persists that the MTV Video Music Awards during the 1980s and early 1990s were transgressive and revolutionary. Likewise, we could affirm that these awards have gone hand in hand with the youth; and, is that the corresponding generation grows, matures and gets a job while the MTV Video Music Awards … Read more

J Balvin and his last month between controversies: Residente, the Grammys and the sexist video

Terrible almost three weeks of J Balvin. The 36-year-old singer was disapproved of by various musical artists, including the well-known response from Resident. Several days later the song “Perra” was published and was reported in comments until YouTube removed it. It all started with the Colombian’s absence for the twenty-second edition of the awards Latin … Read more

Hank Gilbert