Colombian David Díaz, a chemist from the National University, works in the team of one of the Nobel winners

Colombian David Diaz a chemist from the National University works

David appears on the left of the photograph, and wears the country’s shirt The German Benjamin List and the Scotsman David MacMillan were awarded the prestigious recognition of the Nobel Prize, which honors those who have carried out research, discoveries or contributions that are considered remarkable for humanity. The development of asymmetric organocatalysis gave them … Read more

Who is Paula Arenas? The Colombian woman most nominated for the Latin Grammy 2021

Who is Paula Arenas The Colombian woman most nominated for

14 Oct 2021 – 3:13 p. m. Paula Arenas gets 4 nominations in the most important categories of the Latin Grammys 2021 and does so as an independent artist. Paula Arenas spent years singing in bars, restaurants and private events in her native Bogotá. Every money earned from performances he used to record his music. … Read more

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