Critics of Hugues Dayez in Cannes: A hero, Asghar Farhadi, the best candidate for the Palme d’Or?

Critics of Hugues Dayez in Cannes A hero Asghar Farhadi

At this stage of the Festival, 16 of the 24 films in the competition, i.e. two-thirds have been screened and until last night, no favorites emerged for the Palme d’Or. But last night, the situation changed because we discovered the new film by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, entitled “A hero” which aroused a huge ovation … Read more

Who can be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize? Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler were

Who can be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize

Each year, the Norwegian Nobel Committee selects the winner of the prestigious award from hundreds of applicants The Nobel Peace Prize It is one of the awards that arouses the most interest in many aspects. The secrecy with which its candidates are chosen, the members of the Committee who choose the winner or how diverse … Read more

Hank Gilbert