Grammy Awards: Bad Bunny, Fito Páez and Lafourcade among the winners

Grupo Niche wins its first Anglo Grammy 2:59 (CNN Spanish) – The pre-ceremony for the Grammy Awards took place on Sunday afternoon. In it, the first winners were known, among them, the majority of the Latin categories. Grammy Award: Best Latin / Urban Pop Album Bad Bunny won his first Anglo-Saxon Grammy with “YHLQMDLG” (I … Read more

Bad Bunny thinks about J Balvin’s boycott of the Latin Grammy awards – KESQ

Alejandra Ramos Barreda (CNN Spanish) – After the controversy between J Balvin and Residente over the Latin Grammy nominations, Bad Bunny also had something to say. “I can understand a point made by Balvin in a matter that yes, perhaps, they profit from the popularity of the reggaeton genre for ratings and should, perhaps, take … Read more

‘If I were a Grammy judge, I wouldn’t nominate’ Water ‘: Bad Bunny on J Balvin

Recently Bad bunny was in an interview on ‘Alofoke radio show’, a station in the Dominican Republic, where he has been for a month, creating new music. In the middle of the conversation, they touched on the controversy over the Grammy awards between J Balvin and Resident. The Puerto Rican confessed that he is a … Read more

Bad Bunny considers that “Agua”, by J Balvin, is not a subject that deserves a Grammy

Regarding the mess between J Balvin and Residente, Bad Bunny gave his opinion on the subject and said that although he likes his “hot dogs”, the Colombian artist should not be upset with the Latin Grammy because “Agua” is not a subject that deserves a Grammy. El Conejo Malo explained that although he understands the … Read more

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