Accusations of corruption, lack of diversity, questionable selection: the Golden Globes in the hot seat

Accusations of corruption lack of diversity questionable selection the Golden

The Golden Globes will be handed out this Sunday, February 28. As every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will reward the actors, directors, films and series judged to be the best. But revelations about the organization of this ceremony undermine this regularly criticized institution. The Golden Globe Awards will be presented this Sunday, February … Read more

Nobel Prize will not have gender or ethnic quotas, despite international accusations

Nobel Prize will not have gender or ethnic quotas despite

After the winners of the Nobel prizes corresponding to the current year, the critics by the international community they did not wait. One of the most frequent controversies around the theme is the one denounced by the women, who have emphasized that total of awards that have been awarded since 1901, only 59 awards have … Read more

Hank Gilbert