Donna Strickland, Nobel Prize in Physics, new member of the Academy of Sciences – Vatican News

Donna Strickland Nobel Prize in Physics new member of the

The pope named the 62-year-old Canadian scientist, who teaches optical physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Waterloo. In 1985 he received this prestigious award for having invented, together with Professor Mourou, chirp pulse amplification for lasers. She is the third woman to receive the Physics award. Salvatore Cernuzio – … Read more

Academy Awards to Set Diversity Criteria for Best Picture Category

1634355110 Academy Awards to Set Diversity Criteria for Best Picture Category

To be eligible for the Oscar for best film, a work must meet a certain number of criteria from 2024. MARK RALSTON / AFP In 2016, the virtual absence of black nominees at the Oscars had given rise to the hashtag #oscarsowhite (Oscars so white) and to boycotts of the ceremony by several celebrities. More … Read more

93rd Academy Awards | Academy Awards, an African-American story

1634263244 93rd Academy Awards Academy Awards an African American story

More than ever, the Oscars evening which will take place on Sunday is placed under the sign of diversity. Thus, 9 of the 20 finalists for the performance awards are not white. For this 2021 gala, the site lists 23 quotes from finalists for members of Afro-descendant communities, including 6 among the actors. Clear … Read more

Nobel Prize in Economics: How Academy Laureates have challenged economic theory

Nobel Prize in Economics How Academy Laureates have challenged economic

According to the criteria of Know more Three economists share the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics: David Card, Joshua Angrist and Guido Imbens. His contribution, in the words of Eva Mörk, member of the awards committee, “has totally revolutionized the way we develop empirical work. [basado en la comprobación de hechos]”. Precisely, the winners used … Read more

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