The Pulitzer Prize in history 2021 to Marcia Châtelain

The Pulitzer Prize in history 2021 to Marcia Châtelain

The Pulitzer Prize in History 2021 is awarded to Dr. Marcia Châtelain for her book “Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America”. After Emmelie Prophète, Louis Philippe D’Alembert, Yanick Lahens, Frankétienne and Dany Lafferière, the immortal, it is Dr. Marcia Châtelain who is awarded this prestigious American prize awarded every year to people, newspapers, magazines or news agencies. On the facebook page of the Ministry of Culture and Communication (MCC), Minister Jean Emmanuel Jacquet greeted the Pulitzer Prize 2021 for its coronation.

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“The Ministry of Culture and Communication (MCC) salutes the prowess of Mrs. Marcia Châtelain, Pulitzer Prize winner in history 2021, for her book” Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America “, one more feat for a daughter of Haiti on a global scale ”, writes the new Minister Jean-Emmanuel Jacquet on the Facebook page of the said ministry, believing that the price of Ms. Chatelain must be highlighted as much since our writers and creators continue to carry the banner of our cultural richness.

Doctor Marcia Châtelain has a great and successful career in higher education in the United States. Haitian of origin, this woman drags behind her years of experience in foreign lands. She holds a Masters and Doctorate in American Civilization from Brown University. The author teaches African American history and studies at Georgetown University. Her book, “Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America,” for which she was crowned the 2021 Pulitzer Prize winner in history, is a study of how McDonald’s restaurants have helped many black entrepreneurs while affecting African Americans in the past. ‘another way.

“Franchise,” she explained, explores the double-edged sword of the national fast food chain. African Americans are more likely to eat fast food than any other racial group in the United States. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, countless studies have shown increased rates of obesity and heart disease in people who regularly eat fast food restaurants. For some black Americans, the opportunity to own a McDonald’s franchise has paved the way for financial independence, and even wealth.

Author Marcia Châtelain is now part of the Pulitzer Prize Gallery of Honor. The recipient can boast of having offered a major work, capable of causing serious problems in American society. The Pulitzer Prize Board of Trustees paid tribute to Ms Chatelain and praised her book which it sees as a nuanced account of the complex role the fast food industry plays in African American communities.

Under the leadership of Joseph Pulitzer, editor of the newspaper World, and according to his will, the prize was established in 1917. At the beginning, it was awarded to a dozen categories of journalism and the arts. At the start of the 21st century, it was awarded for 21 sections, including several types of reporting, editorial, caricature, photography, novel, biography, theater, poetry, history and music. An envelope of 10,000 US dollars accompanies the prize, awarded in April to American personalities.

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The Pulitzer Prize in history 2021 to Marcia Châtelain

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