Spanish photographer Emilio Morenatti, Pulitzer Prize 2021

Photographer Emilio Morenatti, originally from Jerez, photographer for the American news agency Associated Press (AP), received the Pulitzer Prize for best photographic report this Friday. This most important journalism prize, awarded for more than a century by Columbia University (New York), was awarded to him for his photographs taken of the elderly in Spain during the coronavirus pandemic, images which reflect the suffering of the elderly in Spain during the pandemic.

Emilio Morenatti is the fourth Spaniard to receive the Pulitzer Prize after Javier Bauluz (1995), Manu Brabo (2013) and Susana Vera (2020).

A multi-award-winning photographer

This is not the first time that an important institution recognizes the work of this 52-year-old photographer born in Zaragoza and who grew up in Jerez, since in 2009 he received the FotoPres prize for dealing with the violence of kind in Pakistan.

In December 2011, Morenatti won the first edition of the Lucas Dolega photography competition in France, dedicated to reporting on conflicts, for a series of photos entitled “Displaced in Tunisia”

More recently, in 2013, he received the third World Press Photo Prize in the category “Contemporary issues” for a photograph of the 29M general strike in Barcelona.

A life of passion and adventure

Emilio Morenatti began his career in Jerez de la Frontera and in 2005 joined the Spanish agency EFE and moved to Seville. In 2006, he was kidnapped in Gaza by four armed men before being released a day later, unharmed. He had less luck in August 2009 in Afghanistan where, seriously injured, he lost his left foot in the explosion of his vehicle.

After 3 decades as a photographer, he is now based in Barcelona as editor and photo editor of The Associated Press for Spain and Portugal.

The images that convinced the jury

Morenatti was awarded for a series of “moving” shots that “draws the public into the lives of elderly people in Spain” who were facing the epidemic, according to the jury.

This award is also recognition of his long career as a photographer, which began in 1988 with “El periódico del Guadalete”, in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz), the city where he grew up.

A prize this year very much in tune with current events

The Spaniard was ahead of New York Times photographer Tyler Hicks, and the team from Getty Images, who were named finalists in this category.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune won her the Pulitzer Prize for Best News Story for her coverage of the death of George Floyd and Darnella Frazier, the 18-year-old who filmed the arraignment, was awarded an award. special.

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Spanish photographer Emilio Morenatti, Pulitzer Prize 2021

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