Pulitzer: war against Trump’s “fake news” rewarded

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On the evening of Monday April 10, the award ceremony for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize was held. Every year since 1917, he has returned to the best journalistic works published the previous year in American newspapers. Between a particularly agitated electoral campaign, long-term surveys and major reports abroad, a selection of winners in the main categories of this 101st edition. Among them, the media attacked by name by the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Regarding journalism, the Pulitzer Prize comes in 14 categories (7 more if we add literature, theater and music).

The main price, that of public service, returns to the drafting of New York Daily News and to Pro Publica, for their work on New York police abuses in the conduct of deportations, especially against poor minorities. In addition to a dozen articles published between February and November of last year, the journalists draw in particular the portrait of many expelled in interactive infographics.

The best price news report returns to the drafting of theEast Bay Times, in California, for the cover of a tragic fire and the excavations which followed, in the town of Oakland, near San Francisco, in December 2016. The drama killed 36 people in an artists’ squat which hosted a concert. Journalists from theEast Bay Times spent eighteen hours updating and enriching their article online, dispatching nearly twenty journalists to the field – we can observe the evolution of their work here.

Eric Eyre, from Charleston Gazette Mail, gets the price of best investigative report, for investigating opioid use by people with depression in West Virginia counties – counties that are also the country most affected by overdoses.

The Pulitzer for the Panama Papers

The jury awarded the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (HERE), To Mcclatchy, and at Miami herald, who collaborated with the ICIJ, the price of best explanatory report, for the revelation of the Panama Papers.

This tax evasion scandal was revealed in April 2016 thanks to the cooperation of more than 300 journalists present on 6 continents. According to the regulations, the Pulitzer Prize can only be awarded for work published in American newspapers or online media. However, rewarding the ICIJ amounts to rewarding all those who have collaborated with the consortium, like those of the TV magazine Cash Investigation and everyday The world, who led the French side of the case.

The price of best local report returns to the drafting of Salt Lake Tribune, for having reported the treatments ” perverse, punitive and cruel For rape victims at Brigham Young University. The scourge of rape on U.S. campuses is a phenomenon more and more publicized.

He is a journalist from Washington post who wins the best national report, for his hyper-documented and transparent coverage of Donald Trump’s philanthropic donations to associations. David A. Fahrenthold investigated for several months, making available his notes, and questioned, with supporting evidence, many of Donald Trump’s claims regarding his charitable donations.

The New York Times awarded three times

The drafting of New York Times is awarded the prize for the best ” international report For investigating how Russia is trying to expand its sphere of influence.

The best price feature article returns to CJ Chivers, who shows in The fighter that the tendency of soldiers to fall into violence after returning home is not due to a criminal inclination, nor is it systematically linked to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Finally, freelance photographer Daniel Berehulak obtains the prize for the best topical photographic report, for its cover of the bloody war on drugs by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The work of the photographer, published in the pages of New York Times, had already been awarded at World Press Photo 2017, prize which rewards the best press photographers each year.

The only woman to receive a Pulitzer Prize in her own name in one of the journalistic categories for this 101st edition of the Pulitzer Prize is Peggy Noonan. The journalist from Wall Street Journal is commended for writing the best comments, which made it possible to ” connect readers to the values ​​shared by all Americans during one of the most divisive political campaigns in the country’s history », Explains the jury.

For the first time, a journalist from the online media Buzzfeed, which divides its publications between viral content and surveys, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, without receiving the prize (“international report” category). In addition, as noted by Huffington Post, the New York Times, the Washington post, and Pro Publica, are among the media most severely attacked by Donald Trump. The choice of the jury to give priority to these editorial staff and their journalists is undoubtedly not innocent, in the midst of the new American president’s open war against the media.

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Pulitzer: war against Trump’s “fake news” rewarded

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