Pulitzer Prize rewards two embarrassing investigations for Donald Trump

The 2019 Pulitzer Prize is bound to stoke Donald Trump’s muffled anger towards the media. The prestigious award was, among other things, awarded Monday evening to two journalistic surveys, the first of New York Times and the second of Wall Street Journal, both unfavorable to the American president.

The investigation of the New York daily recounted how the former promoter had built his fortune, and that of the WSJ revealed the existence of payments to buy the silence of two supposed former Donald Trump mistresses.

An investigation by the administration

Awarded in the “explanatory journalism” category, David Barstow, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner, from New York Times, were based on the recurring assertions of the President of the United States that he had made himself alone. After more than a year of investigation, they affirmed, in early October, that Donald Trump had, in fact, received from his father, over several years, the equivalent of $ 413 million today.

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Funds that would have, in part, been transferred through a shell company, which would have allowed them to evade tax. The investigation, “dependent” according to Donald Trump, had been swept away by the Republican President, who had qualified its content as “boring” and “déjà vu”.

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However, it did lead to the opening of an investigation by the New York State tax authorities, the conclusions of which are not known.

Bondage with Stormy Daniels

The prize awarded to Wall Street Journal, in the “national journalism” category, rewards a series of articles. In early January 2018, the financial daily was the first to report the existence of an alleged affair between Donald Trump and pornographic actress Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels.

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In November 2016, he had already published the scoop of the payment of 150,000 dollars that the press group American Media Inc (AMI), publisher of the weekly scandal National Enquirer, had made to a former playmate, Karen McDougal, for the rights of the story of her supposed adventure with the future president of the United States.

Ally, at the time, of Donald Trump, AMI actually intended to bury the story, according to several American media. Donald Trump has always denied the existence of these links. His former lawyer and right-hand man, Michael Cohen, claimed, under oath, that the billionaire was not unaware of any payments he made on his behalf.

Militant tone

With these two awards, the 2019 vintage of the prestigious prize has taken on a resolutely militant tone. In a thinly veiled reference to the president, Pulitzer Prize administrator Dana Canedy regretted during the announcement that “some demean the press by portraying it as the enemy of the democracy it serves.”

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Donald Trump has regularly called the mainstream media an “enemy of the people”, accusing them of spreading false information or of systematically seeking to discredit him.



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Pulitzer Prize rewards two embarrassing investigations for Donald Trump

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