Pulitzer Prize rewards investigations of Harvey Weinstein

The highest honor in American journalism has jointly awarded the “New York Times” and the “New Yorker” for their articles which sparked the #MeToo movement.

The suspense was short-lived. On Monday April 16, from Columbia University School of Journalism in New York, the Pulitzer Prize honored the top favorites of the year: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey of the New York Times and Ronan Farrow from New Yorker, for their inquiries “Public interest” on producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual assault and rape. In the manner of Polk Awards in February, the jury chose to award a tie prize, highlighting journalism “Explosive” of the two publications, and their “High impact”, having caused a “Worldwide recognition of sexual abuse of women”. Published a few days apart last October, the surveys revealed the actions for several years of Hollywood producer Havey Weinstein and the terrifying system set up to silence the victims. Since then, in the United States, there has been a succession of articles on workplace harassment, and the #MeToo movement has enabled many women around the world to speak out and hold their abusers to account.

Journalist Ronan Farrow, son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, to whom we dedicated a portrait in January, reacted on Twitter thanking the women who had the courage to speak up and promised this was just the start. “We just started telling the truth about the old abuses of power , did he declare. The young man, just thirty years old, signed with the HBO channel to carry out a collection of surveys supposed to dig this furrow.

While the Pulitzer Prize was awarded to the two women journalists of the New York Times and rewarded their work which honors the voice of women, it was not always very feminist, however recalled the Columbia Journalism Review. In a interesting slideshow Posted two years ago, its members had shown that, since the award was created a hundred years ago, only 16% of the winners were women (and 84% were white).

Revealed in the wake, the rest of the list rewarded a resolutely engaged journalism and brushed, through the highlighted themes, a worrying portrait of Donald Trump’s America: privatization of health insurance programs for the most deprived, impractical construction of mexican border wall, demonstrations racist, health crisis of opioids, suspicion ofRussian interference during the presidential campaign… So many captivating articles, from the national and local press, and made available to all on the Pulitzer Prize website.

Also note, a first in the music category created in 1943. The Pulitzer Prize awarded artist Kendrick Lamar for his album Damn and his ability to capture “The complexity of modern African-American life”. Never has a rapper received the prestigious distinction.

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Pulitzer Prize rewards investigations of Harvey Weinstein

Hank Gilbert