Pulitzer Prize rewards coverage of Weinstein case

Journalists from New York Times and magazine The New Yorker on Monday received the Pulitzer Prize, the highest award for journalism in the United States, for their coverage of the Harvey Weinstein affair which they revealed in early October.

Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey from New York Times and Ronan Farrow, from New Yorker, were awarded in the most prestigious category, that of “public service journalism”.

Ronan Farrow is the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. Since his work on Harvey Weinstein, he has published several articles, still in the New Yorker, on scandals related to Donald Trump. “Very, very, very proud of @RonanFarrow,” the actress tweeted after the announcement of the winners.

Articles that have freed the floor

The first article of New York Times devoted to the actions of Harvey Weinstein, published on October 5, had the effect of a bomb. He cited the testimonies of several women claiming to have been harassed by the Hollywood producer, creator of the Miramax studio, in particular that of actress Ashley Judd.

He also reported the existence of an out-of-court settlement between Harvey Weinstein and another actress, Rose McGowan, paid 100,000 dollars in exchange for her silence on an incident in 1997. Later, the actress claimed that ‘it was a rape.

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Just five days after the publication of the article in New York Times, the New Yorker posted a long article online about other charges against Harvey Weinstein. Three women, including the Italian actress Asia Argento, claimed to have been raped by the producer who transformed Hollywood cinema by betting on different films that did not meet the criteria of the big studios.

In these two articles, the film mogul was portrayed as a sexual predator playing with his power and benefiting from the benevolence, even the complicity of part of his entourage and of the cinema world. These revelations have released the word of former alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein, who are now more than a hundred to have accused the producer.

Washington Post awarded

The affair sparked a tidal wave in Hollywood and beyond, bringing down dozens of men of power in film, television, media and politics. One of them was the Republican candidate for the Senate in the state of Alabama, Roy Moore, caught up with charges of sexual assault on minors.

the Washington post was the first to publish the testimony of four women posing as alleged victims of this former ultra-conservative magistrate. On Monday, the Pulitzer Prize in the investigative journalism category was awarded to the daily for this series of articles on the past of the ex-judge.

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“In the journalism category, once again this year, the winners embody the values ​​of a free and independent press, even in the most difficult times”, commented, during the presentation of the class of 2018, the administrator of the Pulitzer, Dana Canedy. The media has faced “continuous attacks of late”, but “remains a central element in a healthy democracy”.

Confirming their hegemony over the American press, the New York Times and the Washington post also received the national journalism award (as opposed to the local). This distinction rewarded, according to the statement released Monday, their “continuous coverage […] which significantly deepened the country’s understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and its ties to the Trump campaign, the transition team and the current administration ”. This is the fourth time in a row that the Washington post is honored in this category.

Kendrick Lamar stands out at the Pulitzer

American rapper Kendrick Lamar was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize on Monday in the music category for his album DAMN., a first for a hip-hop artist and more widely for modern popular music.

It is a new recognition for the one who, at 30, has already gleaned 12 Grammy Awards, the rewards of the American music industry, including 5 for this album at the last ceremony.

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If the Pulitzer Prize was created in 1917, the music category appeared in 1943. It was systematically awarded to works of classical music until the coronation of the musician and jazz composer Wynton Marsalis in 1997. From l he following year, the Pulitzer Prize Board of Directors decided to relax the criteria in order to promote the diversity of eligible works. He broadened the spectrum again in 2004, which saw saxophonist Ornette Coleman win in 2007. Despite these reforms, no popular modern music artist had yet been honored until this year.

Pulitzer’s board nominated him on the basis of his latest album, “a collection of tracks full of virtuosity, unified by the authenticity of his language and a rhythmic dynamic that offers striking photos, capturing the complexity of modern life. African Americans ”.

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Pulitzer Prize rewards coverage of Weinstein case

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