In other words: Navalny, Euro 2020, Pulitzer Prize, bioethics and SMO –

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Moscow bans Navalny organizations from Russian elections

At the end of a 12-hour deliberation, the court of Moscow judges “extremists” Alexei Navalny’s three political organizations and banned them from all elections. The prosecution accuses these organizations of inciting “hatred and hostility towards the representatives of power”. The main political opponent of Vladimir Putin said that this judgment would not end their perseverance.

Ukraine-Russia: geopolitical disputes invite themselves to Euro 2020

On the football shirts of the Ukrainian team for Euro 2020, two symbols disturb Russia. The first is the map of Ukraine including Crimea – annexed by Moscow in 2014 – and pro-Russian regions. The second is the inscription inside the neck of the slogans “Glory to Ukraine!” “And” Glory to the heroes! “.

These refer to a political chant used since the uprisings of 2014. Russia recalls that they date back to World War II when Ukrainian nationalists were fighting the Russian army. The country has made a request to UEFA to have the political elements on the shirts removed. This Thursday the governing body finally asked Ukraine to withdraw these slogans.

The Council of State removes 4 points from the National Order Maintenance Scheme

Thursday June 10, the Council of State announces the cancellation of four articles of the very controversial national plans of the maintenance of order. This text, adopted in September 2020, wanted to bring together the directives for maintaining order among police officers and gendarmes. However, many unions and associations had stood up against this document, starting with the Human Rights League, which denounced an attack on the freedom to inform.

This revision now prohibits: the net (encirclement of demonstrators) and the removal of journalists in the event of dispersion. It also abolishes the rules concerning the wearing of protection by journalists. Finally, journalists are no longer required to be accredited to cover demonstrations.

Special Pulitzer Prize awarded to Darnella Frazier for filming the murder of George Floyd

Friday, June 11, the 105th Pulitzer Prize ceremony, the most prestigious awards in American journalism, took place in the United States. This year a special award was presented by the jury to Darnella Frazier for her video of the murder of George Floyd, a black man killed by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis on May 25.

This event had spawned numerous demonstrations throughout the United States to protest against police violence, especially against racialized people. The Minneapolis Star Tribune also received the award for best current affairs report for its coverage of the death of George Floyd.

The bioethics bill passed by the National Assembly

The National Assembly voted on Tuesday, June 8 the bill on bioethics and with it the opening of assisted medical procreation (PMA) for all women. This first article aroused great anger among supporters of the Manif pour tous who denounced a first step towards “the eviction of the father”. The Senate must reassess the text on January 24 and doubts remain about its chances of being adopted.

Despite everything, for Coralie Dubost, co-rapporteur of the law, it is “a culture of State which changes”. It is she, moreover, member of the Héraut who is at the origin of the article for the lifting of anonymity on the identity of donors.

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In other words: Navalny, Euro 2020, Pulitzer Prize, bioethics and SMO –