Where do we eat the best shrimp croquettes?

In Belgium, if there is one dish that never ceases to unleash passions after fries, it is shrimp croquettes. These little golden breadcrumbs are so successful that they are now the subject of all kinds of competitions. In Brussels, every year, a competition to elect the king of the best shrimp croquette is organized. It is none other than Cédric Mosbeux, the chef of Fernand Obb, who had won the title of king of the croquette of Brussels in the last two editions.

This year, for the first time, a festival dedicated to shrimp croquette took place in Ostend. In total, twelve chefs participated and proudly presented their version of the shrimp croquette to a professional jury led by Gault & Millau. But the peculiarity of this festival is that the public also had their opinion to give. And as for its Brussels version, the goal was to determine the king of the shrimp croquette of the seaside city. At the end of this festival, here are the restaurants that stood out for their shrimp croquette:

Brassi to Ostend

If there is one address you should go to, it is obviously at the king of Ostend shrimp croquette: Brassi. This restaurant located in the games room of the Casino d’Ostende works the shrimp croquette in the most traditional way possible, and the shrimps, which come from the seaside town of Ostend, are shelled by hand. It didn’t take much more to convince the Gault & Millau jury to award him the Palme d’Or: “The taste of the garnish but also the crunch: this is where the chef’s recipe really stands out. This is how they stand out from each other”, explained the jury.

The address? Kursaal-Oosthelling 12, 8400 Ostend

The Rubens Brewery in Knokke

Also hailed during this festival, the Rubens Brewery is very popular in Knokke. If everyone rushes there, it is first of all for the unique atmosphere of this institution, but also above all to taste the typical dishes of Belgian gastronomy. You can enjoy a chicory gratin, Zeeland mussels, but also of course shrimp croquettes, among other things. Here, they are rolled by hand every day and all the sauces are homemade.

The address? Zeedijk-Albertstrand 589, 8300 Knokke-Heist.

Gastrobar Sam in Ostend

The Gastrobar Sam has taken the place of the former Jan’s Café, a well-known establishment in Ostend. Today, this new brewery concept has met with great success and this time, it is especially the croquettes that are unanimous. They are offered in their classic version, with shrimps, but also available with gorgonzola, bouillabaisse or even with Pata Negra. Thanks to these specialties, the restaurant has also risen to third place in the ranking of the best shrimp croquette in Ostend. A real good reason to go there with your eyes closed!

The address? Van Iseghemlaan 60, 8400 Oostende.

The Poseidon restaurant in Ostend

When professionals make it a point of honor that the croquettes are shaped according to the rules of the art, food lovers simply stick to the taste. It is therefore not surprising that the public has set their sights on the shrimp croquettes at the Poseidon restaurant. They are served here without frills in the simplest of traditions. We also come for the succulent bouillabaisse from the North Sea. We would even dare to bet that if there was a competition for the best bouillabaisse, the Poseidon team would win it hands down!

The address? Hertstraat 11 A, 8400 Oostende.

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Where do we eat the best shrimp croquettes?

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