Triumph of supported films: after the Palme d’Or at “Titane”, the Golden Lion at “L’Événement”

1 euro earns 16 euros!

1 euro of regional aid in the cinema and audiovisual industry generates 16 euros in economic benefits for Île-de-France.

In addition, production aid is repayable as soon as the beneficiary film is profitable (more info).

2021 will remain an exceptional year in festivals for films financially supported by the Region.

After the Palme d’Or awarded to Titanium, by Julia Ducournau, in May 2021 in Cannes, the same feat occurred at the Venice Film Festival on September 11, 2021, with the award of the Golden Lion to The Event, by Audrey Diwan.

In other words, the 2 biggest film festivals in the world gave their supreme reward to supported films!

A feminist film about abortion

Adapted from the eponymous story by Annie Ernaux, The event is an intimate film with a feminist tone, the main character of which is a young woman who aborts clandestinely in France in the 1960s. It is played by the Franco-Romanian Anamaria Vartolomei.

The Event, which will be released in February 2022, is Audrey Diwan’s second film supported by the Region.

The first was But you are crazy, released in April 2019. A film in which Pio Marmai plays a man hiding from his relatives a serious addiction that ends up putting them all in danger.

7 films supported at the Venice Film Festival 2021

In total, the Region was represented at the 2021 Venice Film Festival through 7 supported films:

►5 fictions

  • The Event, Audrey Diwan (Support fund: 330,000 euros including bonuses for eco-production to Rectangle Productions),
  • Lost illusions, by Xavier Giannoli (Support fund: 490,000 euros including bonuses for exceptional production expenses at Curiosa Films),
  • Another world, by Stephane Brizé (Support fund: 292,000 euros to Nord-Ouest Films),
  • Human things, by Yvan Attal (Support fund: 352,000 euros to Curiosa Films),
  • The promises, by Thomas Kruithof, presented at the opening of the section Orrizonti (Support fund: 45,000 euros including bonuses for eco-production to 24 25 Films).

►2 documentaries

  • Mizrahim, the forgotten of the Promised Land, documentary by Michale Boganim, presented out of competition during the Giorni degli authori (Support fund: 87,000 euros for Ex Nihilo / Agat Films),
  • Trenches, documentary by Loup Bureau (Support fund: 52,000 euros to Unity).

Almost 200 cine-TV productions assisted per year

The Region devotes to audiovisual cinema an annual budget of over 22 million euros, which allows financing above all 200 productions each year:

  • 110 cinema films and television creations (series, unitary TV films, documentaries, animation) are helped at the production stage,
  • 45 short and feature films are helped at the finalization / post-production stage,
  • 40 screenwriters are helped in their writing work.

This support from the Region has a double vocation:

  • Preserve the employment of thousands of technicians in Île-de-France,
  • Contribute to the diversity of creation. Because more than 200 works of fiction, documentaries and animation benefit from regional aid each year.

Beyond that, the Region finances other actions linked to cinema each year:

  • 50 events and film networks in the Ile-de-France region are accompanied,
  • 50,000 high school students and apprentices in the Ile-de-France region follow an image education (see For Paris and for the rest of Île-de-France).

It should be noted that regional production aid (Cinema, International Cinema, Audiovisual and International Audiovisual Support Fund) is refundable as soon as the beneficiary work is profitable.

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Triumph of supported films: after the Palme d’Or at “Titane”, the Golden Lion at “L’Événement”

Hank Gilbert