“The police kill”, “she is dangerous” according to the anti-capitalist Poutou, Darmanin files a complaint

Questioned by France Info, the elected anti-capitalist Philippe Poutou estimated that the police were “dangerous” for young people “from working-class neighborhoods”, of which about fifteen would be killed each year. Gérald Darmanin announced to file a complaint.

Guest on the France Info set on October 13, Philippe Poutou, candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) in the presidential race for 2022, returned to the recent controversy about the arming of the internal security forces, after the remarks controversies of a rebellious elected official in Cachan (Val-de-Marne).

The anticapitalist Bordeaux city councilor declared in particular: “In working-class neighborhoods, around fifteen young people are killed by the police every year. […] The police kill, they kill, they kill, so afterwards, we can discuss: assassination, murder or accident? Or smudge? A police force which can kill, because in fact it is armed, overarmed and it is dangerous ”

These remarks were spotted by Mathieu Valet of the independent union of police commissioners (SICP, attached to the CFE-CGC and therefore to Alliance) who embellished them with the following comment: “I no longer support this minority which spits its venom on the police officers. , by insulting us to create a buzz! I hope that Mr. Darmanin will file a defamation complaint against Mr. Poutou. Those who soil the uniform of France do not deserve to wear the French scarf. “

The Minister of the Interior has obviously taken the initiative himself by filing a complaint against Philippe Poutou, at least, he announces on Twitter: “Mr. Poutou’s remarks towards the police are insulting and unworthy of a elected representative of the Republic. In the name of the ministry, and to defend the honor of all the police officers, I file a complaint. ”

Asked by RT France, the deputy secretary general of Unsa-Police, Thierry Clair, for his part denounced the declaration of Philippe Poutou in these terms: “These are totally irresponsible remarks which only represent himself [Poutou] and which are defamatory. It’s been part of a series since the day before yesterday, they want to create a buzz by making serious comments. “

And to diagnose: “It is to sow trouble and disorder. I think that Philippe Poutou seeks to exist through these words. Do not give it more importance than it weighs in the ballot box … Its representativeness is very low, even if these comments are obviously reprehensible. “

Thierry Clair adds again for his fellow civil servants denigrated by Philippe Poutou: “The thousands of police officers injured in the exercise of their functions each year, that is a factual reality, however. The difficult interventions and attacks against the police which have doubled in fifteen years, it is also a quantified, documented and objective reality, it is not only about the TV set! ”

Also questioned by RT France, Stanislas Gaudon general delegate of the Alliance union announced that his union was taking civil action against the minister’s complaint and deplored a “competition”, a “Palme d’or”, or even the “Olympic Games” of the “anti-cop hatred”, concerning the controversy of the municipal council of Cachan or the remarks of Philippe Poutou.

“It is abject to the thousands of police officers who take risks every day, and 600 of whom are wounded by a weapon every year. When we have respect for the Republic and those who protect it, we don’t drag them through the mud like that, just for the buzz. We hope that Philippe Poutou will be condemned because this kind of remarks can also have an echo on a certain youth and it is extremely serious to come to nourish this hatred against the police officers, to legitimize it ”, underlines the trade unionist again.

Antoine Boitel

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“The police kill”, “she is dangerous” according to the anti-capitalist Poutou, Darmanin files a complaint

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