The Motor Project! at Cannes 2021: “To award the Palme d’Or is good. To award you prizes is also not bad!”

On July 15, the twenty-five winners of the Motor Project !, an association that works to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to develop self-confidence, were invited to Cannes. From the station to Les Marches, AlloCiné followed them.

Dare to trust. Since 2015, at the initiative of its founder Caroline Sénéclauze, the Motor Project! works to build a more just society, by providing support, accompaniment and concrete actions to give confidence to thousands of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they reveal their full potential. The objective: to include, create links, reduce social inequalities and give every opportunity … to equal opportunities. “We change lives, and at the same time we learn so much from these young people” thus confides Alexandra, professor of mathematics in Nantes and member of the association.

Developed with the CSA Diversity Observatory, sponsored by Samuel Le Bihan and supported by numerous artistic, media and sports personalities (Adb Al Malik, Mathieu Kassovitz, Julie Bertuccelli, Grand Corps Malade or this year the boxer Jean-Marc Mormeck ), the Motor Project! has supported 2,725 young people between the ages of 14 and 22 to date through three concrete actions: the Confidence Campus, the Motor Workshops! and The Motor Competition!.

Our young people have talent, we bring it to light

This is precisely the Motor Competition! which forges the strongest links with cinema in general, and the Cannes Film Festival in particular. The young candidates must therefore make a 1mn30 video dedicated to an inspiring person from their immediate entourage, and the laureates are invited to the Croisette for an inevitably magical day.

This year, these winners are called Khaled, Marion, Estelle, Lucie, Théo, François, Elina, Baptiste, Line, Seedorf, Jane, Myrtille, Mbarka, Caroline, Fanta, Elsa, Mathilde, Arthur, Émilie, Léna, Lili, Paul, Ludmila, Ambre et Léone. They and they celebrated their mother, their grandmother or their grandfather, their little or big brother, a teacher, the weather, the sky, Nelson Mandela, Denis Mukwege or The Little Prince. They wrote about confidence, self-esteem, pride, diversity, equality, freedom, happiness … or tailoring.

The Motor Project!

The 2021 winners of the Motor Project! in Cannes, Thursday July 15, 2021

At the star festival, they are the stars of this Cannes day thanks to their words. We followed them on the Croisette, from the exhibition in the setting of Cannes train station to the climb of the stairs, including the Claps d’Or ceremony presented by Thierry Frémaux in person. Action … and above all motor!

Cannes train station, 11:00 a.m.

The Motor Project!

“Welcome to the station, welcome to Cannes!” It is on the square that the 25 young people are welcomed, surrounded by members of the association, former laureates who have become ambassadors or the sponsor Jean-Marc Mormeck. They discover, amazed and moved, their words displayed on the walls of the station, at the rate of one panel per winner setting out three proposals for dreams and aspirations around the theme ‘Tomorrow I would like …’. If the words “incredible”, “impressive” or “pride” come up in all the mouths of these young people, adults are struck by the scope of these inspiring reflections, resolutely turned towards the other rather than towards oneself.

Caroline Sénéclauze, founder of the Motor association!
“It inspires me with an incredible emotion. Finally, what does the Motor project! Convey other than the words of young people? This word is embodied with the image, through the smartphone. But also in through words. Put down the words and give us your dreams. And thanks to the SNCF, we were able to expose these dreams to all of Cannes. It is so important to hear our youth, to listen to them and to see how it is rich in meaning, in struggles, in ideas, in the will to change the world and to contribute to it by putting itself at the center of this fight. It is really courageous, this youth. It is moving towards a world that is not easy and she knows she has to commit. These dreams are huge dreams. “

Sylvain Bailly, Director of Cultural Affairs for SNCF Gares & Connexions
“We have been working with Motor! For three years and presenting their projects, in the Cannes station in particular. It seemed coherent to us to simply be able to give them the floor. And what they can answer is quite overwhelming … We is really delighted to show what they feel, what they want to say and present it to as many people as possible. Since, by definition, the entire population passes by at the station. “

Jean-Marc Mormeck, six-time world boxing champion
“We live in a world where we tell ourselves that people no longer dream. And what inspires me in this youth is that dreaming is possible. And that things can come true. To see that, and to see it written, it’s great. Before, we didn’t give them the floor. And there, today, the association gives it to them and they express themselves. It is a real pride to be with these young people who say what they have to say. And who say it well. “

Théo, 2021 laureate
“It’s really an honor. And a chance to have the floor and this exposure to be able to say what we want to say. We do not always have this opportunity in our lives.”

Jeanne, 2021 laureate
“I am proud of us, proud of others because these are phrases which represent us and which represent our vision of the world and of tomorrow.”

Estelle, 2021 laureate
“It’s great that people can read our words. It gives them our outlook on life and what we would like the world to become.”

Line, 2021 laureate
“We’re not used to our ideas, our hopes and our dreams being exposed to everyone. It feels weird. And it makes you smile.”

Ludmila, 2021 laureate
“We really wrote it, but we didn’t know what it was going to become. And then to see it in the Cannes station, to see all these people reading our posters, our words, it’s quite incredible.”

Marion, 2021 laureate
“Frankly, it’s a real pride. We wrote these sentences with our heart and it’s nice to see that today, they are displayed for everyone to see.”

François, 2021 laureate
“The difficulty was to have the right words. Because each word has a weight. It had to be instinctive, fast and above all not to be meaningless.”

Leone, 2021 laureate
“Strangely enough, we are not necessarily often listened to by young people, especially when we say positive things. We are not necessarily recognized by adults. convey positive emotions to people. “

Lili, 2021 laureate
“It gives confidence, in the sense that we know that we have dared to enter a competition and it is a step towards something. I think that when we manage to participate once in something, the other times will necessarily be simpler. Suddenly, it helped to take this great step. “

Louise, 2020 winner and Motor Ambassador!
“I took the phrase ‘Dare to trust’ literally. It’s true that no matter how much you say ‘have confidence in yourself’, the fact of daring helped me. Dare to trust that brought me a lot of good things. “

Gaspard, 2020 winner and ambassador
“Me, it also allowed me to meet a lot of people, then by becoming ambassador for the association to participate in events, to pitch in front of a room … Things that allow me to make my dream come true and to have want to dare. “

Palais des Festivals, 3:30 p.m.

The Motor Project!

“To award the Palme d’Or is good. To award you prizes is also not bad!” It is on the journalists’ terrace, under the Cannes sun, that the General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival Thierry Frémaux awarded the Claps d’Or Motor! 2021. In a relaxed but nonetheless solemn atmosphere, he devoted part of his (precious) time to the winners, individually presenting each trophy and posing with each.

Caroline Sénéclauze, founder of the Motor Project!
“This is our traditional Claps d’Or award ceremony by Thierry Frémaux, which honors them one by one. Not as future directors, but as committed, grateful young people who have, through their films, said thank you to a person who inspires them. This award which comes from the General Delegate of the biggest festival in the world is a way of saying a thank you, a word, a generosity to a person we love or who inspires us is as important, after all, as a movie with a big star. “

Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival
“We are happy to meet again since we were unable to organize the Cannes Film Festival last year. And we are happy to see that you are here and that Motor!, As its name suggests, does not stop. The Cannes Film Festival is quite sensitive to the idea of ​​the chances that we can give to young people, but also, conversely, that we can feel that young people love the cinema. say that we need young people to have young people, but also to understand their relationship to cinema and to say what they feel about cinema today. if you like cinema a lot, the cinema will love you. See you later on the steps! “

Ascent of the Marches, 6.30 p.m.

The Motor Project!

The Motor Day ends on the famous Cannes red carpet !. In front of the photographers’ lens, under the eyes of thousands of festival-goers (and their families that we imagine riveted to the official channel of the Cannes Film Festival), the winners were able to climb the twenty-four steps of the Palais des Festivals to attend the screening in competition of France by Bruno Dumont in the Grand Théâtre Lumière. Full of memories. Full of joy. Full of words. Full of dreams. The day in Cannes ends. The path of these young people has only just begun. With confidence. Always.

Caroline Sénéclauze, founder of the Motor Project!
“It’s magnificent because the Festival does us the honor of a very solemn climb of the stairs. Like a film crew. The Engine team! Is announced at the microphone with those who support them and they go up in an extremely official way . I always tell them: ‘You go up and you are a collective, you do not go up individually. You are a collective of young driving forces who represent the young people of France in all their plurality. So, you must be proud of that. for France, you go up for our values ​​that we celebrated yesterday through July 14. Liberty, equality, fraternity ‘. If they can be embodied by them on the red carpet, it is a great pride. “

Jeanne, 2021 laureate
“It’s quite unreal. We’re in Cannes, we’re going to go up the stairs! It’s something very important in the world of cinema. And it’s crazy to say that we are going to go there, we are going do it. We’re here, we’re here, it’s our time. “

Théo, 2021 laureate
“It is an exceptional chance to have this recognition, to go to the Cannes Film Festival and to climb the stairs for a job that we have done. It is exceptional. Thank you really to all those who were able to help. to organize it all. It’s really beautiful. “

Marion, 2021 laureate
“Me, where I come from, I go up the steps of Cannes ??? I can not realize! In myself, I am nobody. It makes me weird to think to myself that I will go up next to great personalities the cinema.”

Mbarka, 2021 laureate
“This is something you never dared dream of. It is a golden opportunity and you have to seize it. I am very happy to be able to participate and it will be something that will truly stay with me for life. And which will give me, later, wings to propel me. “

Khaled, 2021 laureate
“I thank the association with all my heart for giving me this chance. They allow me to understand brotherhood, freedom and especially freedom of expression because unfortunately, in Syria where I come from, it is forbidden. France is something else. Here I live my dreams. Thank you to all these people and especially to my applied arts teacher who helped me a lot to get here. “

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The Motor Project! at Cannes 2021: “To award the Palme d’Or is good. To award you prizes is also not bad!”

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