Streaming. “Squid Game” or “The North Water”: on our screens this week

The phenomenon: “Squid Game”, on Netflix

Even if it was released on September 17, it is not too late to see the series “Squid Game”, program number 1 in more than 90 countries on Netflix. First of all, let’s lay the foundations of “Squid Game” – the squid game, in French: we follow 456 people, including Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), inveterate bettor, who are all in great financial difficulty. The latter are invited to take part in a mysterious competition. Participating in a series of traditional children’s games (from hopscotch to “1, 2, 3 Sun!” To the eponymous squid game), they risk their lives to compete for a prize of 45.6 billion won ( around 32 million euros). Because the slightest error ends in the same way: death.

The series itself is extremely effective. The mixture of social drama (immigration from Southeast Asia or relations with North Korea are thus evoked), black humor and loud puppet violence thus recalls the Palme d’Or “Parasite”. Lined with a well-put together suspense (on the game’s organizers), and excellent artistic direction, “Squid Game” is a very good thriller.

The series: “The North Water” on Salto

In the 19th century, Henry Drax (Colin Farrell) was a brutal murderer working as a harpooner on whale and seal hunting expeditions between England and the Arctic. Patrick Sumner (Jack O’Connell) is an imperial army doctor, disgraced after an incident in India, then an English colony. The latter wants to go on one of the whalers, in the hope of escaping the horrors of his past. Sumner then finds himself aboard the same ship as Drax. For the surgeon, then begins a fight for his survival …

The North Water is a duel between two men, played by two excellent actors. If Jack O’Connell (seen in “Invincible” or “Money Monster”) brilliantly lends all his spleen to this doctor haunted by the horrors of war and colonization, superstar Colin Farrell (“With love from Bruges”, “The Lobster”) steals the show. Puffy and shaggy, the future interpreter of the “Penguin” in the next Batman film is unrecognizable in this role of human monster, vicious and devious, with excess of deadly violence. An even more chilling performance than the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

The film: “Anne at 13,000 Ft” on Mubi

The life of Anne (Deragh Campbell) is quite precarious. This animator with children is not only shy, but she also has difficulty communicating with others. Whether as a witness at her best friend’s wedding or during a romantic encounter. Is it because of an anxiety disorder, another undiagnosed condition, or something else entirely? We’ll never know. But Anne’s life will take a turn when she takes her first parachute jump. The young woman will then do everything to experience this upheaval again.

Directed by Kazik Radwanski, “Anne at 13,000 Ft” is a portrait of a woman carried at arm’s length by Deragh Campbell, whose performance, both sensitive and magnetic, manages to convey all of Anne’s emotional bursts.

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Streaming. “Squid Game” or “The North Water”: on our screens this week

Hank Gilbert