Soccer. Malo Kepa: “When Thibault Hireche takes out the pecs, we prefer to ease off”

Malo Kepa is the third goalkeeper of ASPTT Caen. (© DR)

A pure product of ASPTT Caen, Malo Kepa nevertheless spent a year at the Stade Malherbe Caen training center, the time to meet Johann Lepenant in particular. The young goalkeeper, who plays in the reserve team, is our quirky interviewee of the week. He was appointed by Ugo Drieu.

Football and you …

What is your first memory of football?

The matches every midday in primary school on the asphalt with my childhood friends, we were never tired but we often came back with bloody elbows.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

Maintaining 17 Nat with PTT in the last days when we had started with five consecutive losses, we had an incredible group.

What’s the best game you’ve played?

PTT-Avranches two days from the end of the championship, the maintenance was played between us and we were down 2-0 before coming back to 2-2 in the last minutes, a crazy match.

Who is the player, as an opponent, who impressed you the most?

Momo Cissé who plays in Stuttgart but who played in Le Havre at the time, he could dribble all over the field on his own and he gave me a little hat-trick that didn’t necessarily make me happy at the time.

Is there a player you’ve taken your lead with on the pitch?

There were a few yes, but I especially remember the little altercations with Enzo Kowalczyk, but it was for his good I had to forge a mind in him.

Who is the best player you have played with?

Johann Lepenant, a crack for always he knows how to do everything this guy.

What is the best stop you have made?

A triple reflex stop against Guingamp where I get up quickly to lie down twice and catch the ball the third to keep the cleansheet and the victory.

The gesture that you would like to place in a match?

Rainbow over the striker who goes to the laundry but I’ll save that for later …

Which pro player are you most like in the game?

Surely Jérémie Janot: almost the same size and soon the same haircut.

And physically ?

Dimitar Berbatov without any hesitation.

The celebration you dream of but never will?

Destroying the corner post like Jamie Vardy is legendary.

In Normandy…

Who is the football bible?

Mathéo Jean, a friend of mine, a football culture and fairly impressive tactical analyzes, surely the successor of Guardiola.

Who is the greatest simulator?

Palme d’Or for Alex Boyé, he gives it to us every time but everyone falls for it.

Who is the strongest ?

Thibault Hireche when he leaves the pecs, we prefer to ease off.

Who is the best for the third half?

I’m pretty well surrounded in this area but if I had to come out with one it’s Clément Riou, not regular but when he comes out of his lair, he is unstoppable.

Who missed his career in another sport?

I can brag about seeing Ugo Drieu play darts and that’s something.

Among your teammates or your former teammates …

Who has the square feet?

Put yourself in the cemetery behind the ax stadium when Kéké Quénéa bumps his centers and you will see the number of balloons you will collect.

Who is the most technical?

Hugo Monteiro, the internal step up the special.

Who is the most nag?

Paul Gervais, 3 cm shin guards but in the duel, he risks nothing.

Who is the most stylish?

Arthur Marut or Mala, call him what you want.

Who absolutely needs to review their haircut?

Killian Fèbre, when he draws lines I’m afraid.

Who is the funniest?

The talks with Clem Riou, Alex Boyé and Paul Gervais were difficult to manage …

Ugo Drieu’s question

Do you think you can be better than your father one day at football?

According to what he tells me, I will need a Golden Ball if I hope to at least match it, it seems to me badly taken …

For a next interview

Who do you name for the next interview?

Sofiane Naïli.

What question are you asking him?

Has it become your passion to play two touches of the ball?

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Soccer. Malo Kepa: “When Thibault Hireche takes out the pecs, we prefer to ease off”

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