Sandrine Kiberlain: the director who pushed her to withdraw for two months

During an interview with ELLE magazine, Sandrine Kiberlain looked back on her career, on the beautiful encounters she brought him but also on a bad meeting that almost made her doubt.

Sandrine Kiberlain is currently playing in the movie We are made for each other, alongside Pascal Elbé who is also directing. The film, which will be in theaters from Wednesday, October 17, tells the story of Antoine, a deaf man living in denial of his disability, who meets Claire, his new neighbor who has moved into his building after the death. from her husband.

On the occasion of the promotion of this new film, Sandrine Kiberlain gave an interview to SHE. In the columns of the last issue of the magazine, she confided in her relationship to cinema and games.

His “trust ground” undermined by a malicious director

The former companion of Vincent Lindon without hesitation considers the world of cinema as her “land of trust”. For Sandrine Kiberlain, comedy is a story of childhood and youth memories. Small, she made her parents laugh thanks to relatively sharp imitations of icons like Jane Birkin or Dalida. From an early age, Sandrine Kiberlain understands that she has a strong comic potential, which ended up being confirmed as soon as she entered the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts.

But Sandrine Kiberlain does not remember good memories. For SHE, Suzanne Lindon’s mother also came back to one of the unpleasant events she experienced during the exercise of her profession. The actress has sometimes seen her “trust ground” filled with unpleasant people, such as this director – whose name she preferred to keep silent – who did everything possible to discourage her, making her feel that he didn’t appreciate her presence and that he had no pleasure in working with her. This painful event prompted him to stop all activity for two months. The actress compares this lived event to failure “from a kid who is told” you’re not a good Zorro, I can’t believe it, in your cape. “

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Sandrine Kiberlain: the director who pushed her to withdraw for two months