Meeting with Agathe Rousselle, the actress of Titane, palme d’or for best film this year

On the occasion of the theatrical release this week of the film Titanium, we met Agathe Rousselle, the main actress of the film awarded the Palme d’Or this year. She confides on her career, her dreams, her experience in Cannes but also on her impressions around the film, her shooting and her meeting with Vincent Lindon, with whom she shares the poster.

It was your first role in the cinema! Tell me about your background, how did you get into this film?

I wanted to do this job very young, I always wanted to do that, I took lessons, but at one point I realized that I could do a lot of other things, so I preferred to use my twenty to do them. After this gap, I was extremely lucky that it came back to me, all on its own. I was found wildly by a casting director, who then gave me all four auditions for this role.

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French director Julia Ducournau (C), French actor Vincent Lindon (L) and French actress Agathe Rousselle. © Xinhua News Agency. All Rights Reserved

If it was a dream, does it match your expectations today?

Yes… (laughs) it was my dream, to realize it is something special, but to realize it at this point… I am still waiting to be woken up… It is not yet very clear, I am very happy like on a cloud.

First film, first role in a radical film at Cannes, with all that that means as a media circus, how do you manage the pressure?

Actually, I don’t feel pressured, it’s okay. I am very well surrounded, when I arrived here, I understood that things were going to go very quickly and very hard, I got on the train and now I don’t want to get off. I find that great, I am very happy!

How did you feel seeing the film for the first time?

I have very little experience, I have talked about it with other actors and when you see a film that you are in and you play for the first time in the cinema, you don’t really see the film. That is to say, we see the cut scenes, we see his face, we don’t really like each other, we remember the shooting… But we don’t really enjoy the film. And there what was great was having had the chance to see him once before and to be able to see him again in Cannes in the enormous auditorium of the Lumière theater, with immense sound and 2200 people. That’s when I really saw the film and understood what we had done. It made me very proud.

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Scene from the film with Agathe Rousselle. © O Brother Distribution, Carole Bethuel

Can you explain to us the emotional arc that your character is going through?

So my character at the start is a character who has no emotion. She is a psychopath, in the clinical sense of the term, that is to say someone who feels nothing, who barely feels pain, who is able to inflict it without causing him a problem. But by meeting Vincent played by Vincent Lindon and coming back into her life, she will acquire a form of humanity and start to feel very strong things. Love will allow her to become human again.

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Movie poster. © O’Brother Distribution – Carole Bethuel

Is Julia Ducournau’s film the cinema that you like as a spectator?

Not at all… No. Genre cinema is something I’m very afraid of, in the sense that paying for a cinema ticket to be afraid is still beyond me. On the other hand, I like good thrillers, I am a big fan of David Fincher, who is certainly not a genre film director, but who does not hesitate to show things that are difficult to watch. Otherwise I never watch horror movies.

Afterwards, the fact of having made this film arouses my curiosity for this genre. In a press conference, our producer rightly said that although this is a genre film, it is above all a film made for the cinema. It’s an experience and although I’m not going to see a genre film in the cinema, I think I would have been to see this film anyway. Its trailer, Its poster, everything makes you want, the team really did a brilliant job for that. I find it to be both a very great cinema film, while being very pop in terms of its accessibility and its music. He talks to everyone, He doesn’t want to be elitist. Afterwards, if you want to look for layers of understandings, you can go there because Julia is a big brain who leaves nothing to chance.

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How do you feel about the shoot with regard to Vincent Lindon?

It was a great gift. She was someone who treated me as an equal throughout the shoot when I was ready to be treated like a debutante, which I was. He was extremely generous, watching him play with his power, his instinctiveness, his animal side but also his precision and his technique, you learn a lot. It was a dream to shoot with him, a game lesson, I learned a lot.

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Meeting with Agathe Rousselle, the actress of Titane, palme d’or for best film this year

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