Loire Atlantique. The Humanitarian Bank releases two films to dream and reflect

The editing team: Jean-Marie Roussière, the young declaiming and Jean-Pierre Baudy. © Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine

The health crisis has slowed down many associations, but The Humanitarian Bank, faithful to its image, dynamic and innovative, took advantage of this unique and unprecedented moment to invent again.

“Beyond all-out aid missions as a humanitarian wholesaler, we have not remained inactive. With the help of partners and precious people, we have just created two films in two very different registers ”, presents Jean-Marie Rousssière, the president of the association, based in Pallet (Loire Atlantique).

The Humanitarian Bank offers first of all Underwater enchantments, a film of about an hour which presents the seabed of the 5 continents.

The images are by Michel Vrignaud who received a palme d’or at the Antibes festival.

This author has transferred his image rights for this montage produced by a specialized studio.

The original music is the work of a private composer and TV Sèvre et Maine provided the technical side of the recording.

“This is the occasion of a beautiful gift as the Christmas holidays approach, especially since we are associating it with a very beautiful book on the world, remarkably illustrated”, underlines Jean-Marie Roussière.

Reflection and pedagogy

Rights and duties is the other film proposed at the end of the year. It invites more reflection than reverie, it is however attractive, but also educational.

Our society is getting worse and worse and our world is in crisis. We are experiencing a real loss of values. And if everyone naturally has rights, it is high time to remember that their counterpart is the duties that are too often forgotten.

Jean-Marie Roussiere

He continues: “We imagined this film as an opportunity to foster dialogue with children, with young people, in order to open them up to others and to the world.

It is also a tool to refresh the memory of certain adults who have lost the true meaning of life ”.

Thus, this film presents 30 themes of reflection around the peoples of the world, solidarity, the protection of the oceans, the family …

A young boy punctually declaims a short text highlighting a right and often attached to it a duty.

“I have the right to go to the Moon, but I have the duty not to forget the Earth” or even a little deeper: “I have the right to say no to war, but I I have a duty to defend freedom ”.

The Yves Duteil competition

Images from the 1920s to the 1960s, in black and white, bring to life the past of our ancestors carried by the song of Tri Yann The city that I loved so much. Yves Duteil also lends his support to this original production with a contribution of three songs including in particular To learn and Children’s rights.

“Yves Duteil is a facilitator predestined to announce messages of peace and kindness while remaining realistic. Yves is a friend, ”says Jean-Marie Roussière.

On the technical level, this document required 8 hours of editing by two people with the help of the director of TV Sèvre et Maine, Jean-Pierre Baudy.

The Éditions Sélection du Reader Digest are also partners in this educational production which could be the starting point for constructive exchanges in the school environment. It tackles the serious, strong and deep theme of wars, and in particular that of 39-45.

We remember Hitler, the concentration camps and the crematoriums. History is very important, even essential. Memory should never forget.

Jean-Marie Roussière.

He hopes with this document to open the eyes of the youngest, to unravel those of adults so that the debate is established by putting aside invasive digital technology and fighting against disinformation. “Our society is sick and we must put real values ​​back at the center of our concerns,” concludes the president of the Humanitarian Bank.

To obtain these two films, contact the Humanitarian Bank of Pallet on 06 80 00 49 64 or jeanmarie.solidarite@gmail.com.

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Loire Atlantique. The Humanitarian Bank releases two films to dream and reflect

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