Jane Campion crowned at the Lumière Festival in Lyon

The first woman to receive the Palme d’Or in 1993 for the “Piano Lesson”, director Jane Campion received the 13th Lumière prize on Friday evening, and the tribute of the many other directors she inspired.

Friday, October 15 in the evening, in room 3000, it is more than a director that the Lumière prize has rewarded. He’s an icon. Jane Campion, the New Zealander, applauded like an idol. That of the public, of course, but also and above all of all these other directors who paid tribute to her during the evening.

As a human being, as a woman, you are the demonstration that we can be fragile and strong, we can be delicate and savage, we can be weak and violent (…) so for me, what you are is a maestra

director Alice Rohrwacher said in front of the whole audience.

It was then Julia Ducournau who presented the Lumière prize to Jane Campion. The highlight of the evening, a historic meeting between the only two women who in seventy-five years of the Cannes Film Festival have obtained the Palme d’Or. Moved to tears, the young director of “Titanium” publicly thanked her model, “thanks to her, I didn’t have to feel lonely on stage. [lorsque j’ai reçu la Palme d’Or] and I even had the luxury of thinking of all those who will succeed me… ”.

It’s very moving, it’s more than symbolic, I respect her very much as a filmmaker, she has counted a lot in my life, in my personal journey, and that’s why I’m happy to be here

then confided Julia Ducournau.

“Cinema is my life” replied Jane Campion. “It’s very surprising, very moving for me, to see that my cinema has touched all the women who are there. It’s something that overwhelms me… The cinema gave me my life. We can only hope to give back a little bit by making films, ”she added.

A prize therefore for his career, but also for the sensitivity and accuracy of his films. “Sweetie”, “An angel at my table”, “In the cut”, “Bright star”… So many portraits of women who have inspired the directors who have paid tribute to her and who have made Jane Campion a benchmark in world cinema .

Coming to Lyon, “it’s like coming to Bethlehem, where the films were created by the Lumière Brothers, they no doubt had wives and assistants and I greet them,” she said after receiving the price.

After several years of silence, the 67-year-old filmmaker presented her seventh feature film this year, “The Power of the Dog”, produced by the American platform Netflix and crowned in Venice with the award for best director.

Demanding and popular filmmaker, Jane Campion conquered the audience of the Lumière festival with her simplicity and her commitment. More than a woman, more than a palm of gold. A great artist, period.

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Jane Campion crowned at the Lumière Festival in Lyon

Hank Gilbert