Graphic horror film that has moviegoers swooning arrives in UK next month

Violent, graphic horror film that shocked the Cannes Film Festival arrives in UK next month – but beware: it is not for the faint hearted.

Titanium is a horror movie written and directed by Julia Ducournau, who stars Agathe Rousselle as a woman who wears a titanium plate in her head after being injured in a car accident as a child.

A brief explanation from the Neon distributor doesn’t give much, just saying: Titanium: A highly heat and corrosion resistant metal, with high tensile strength alloys, often used in medical prostheses due to its pronounced biocompatibility. ”

Sounds relatively simple, right?

Credit: NEON / Diphana Distribution

WWell, what this fails to mention is that the film also features a woman who has sex with cars and gets impregnated in a vintage Cadillac. How, you will ask me? Uh, she shoves the gear lever on him… You know the rest.

her only executed she is pregnant when she starts to secrete motor oil from her vagina, which in itself is a pretty horrible mental picture, and later gives birth to a titanium child.

Credit: NEON / Diphana Distribution
Credit: NEON / Diphana Distribution

On top of that, the woman also has a bad killing streak, which means that in addition to the bizarre intersection between automobile and eroticism, we also have horrible deaths to face.

As you might expect, the movie turned out to be a difficult watch for some people after do his start at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in July – where the director Ducournau won the Palme d’Or.

In screenings since, there have been various reports of people walking or even passing out

With a tweet from reporter Julian Rizzo-Smith earlier this month saying, “NEW FROM ME: At least 13 people have passed out, more are out, at the Australian premiere of Titanium in Sydney last night. As one participant put it, “The guy in front of us passed out and the girl to my right had a panic attack.”

Someone else also wrote: ” Friend passed out during TITANIUM last night and told me 20 other people did too – now it’s cinema baby!!!!!!!!!!! “

A third admitted: “ I just passed out during Titanium…. »Adding later:« Brother, she gave herselffan a B*rtion the French are impious. “

Another said: ‘I just watched the Cannes winner’Titanium‘to SFF and man… it was hard to digest and sit down… Now I see how people fainted during the first screening. “

If you think you can take it, Titanium hits theaters in the UK and Ireland from December 31st.

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Graphic horror film that has moviegoers swooning arrives in UK next month