Exhibitions to see in Lyon and Villeurbanne in November: our three favorites

All of Lyon has selected three exhibitions to see in the metropolis of Lyon in November. Enough to end the All Saints holidays and brighten up the autumn days.

Periphery of the night at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Villeurbanne : Hypnotic Weerathsakul

The French public had discovered it when he won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2010 with his film Uncle boonmy, the one who remembers his past lives. But Apichatpong Weerathesakul is not only a filmmaker, he is also an artist, visual, it goes without saying, with a hypnotic and gripping universe.

A long journey in the meanders of a spirit which allows itself all the poetic fantasies that the public can follow at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Villeurbanne in Periphery of the night, a poetic and fascinating exhibition. The museum space was designed by the artist as a labyrinth plunged into semi-darkness where the visitor walks slowly. About twenty works punctuate the course, multiplying the supports and modes of projection.

It is a question here of listening, of appealing to the enlarged senses, of being enveloped and lulled by the images that the artist triturizes, images like daydreams or thoughts in motion. As its title indicates, the exhibition works on the edges, those between the visible and the invisible, those between reality and chimeras.

A sort of night bath from which one emerges as washed and joyful, despite the disturbing strangeness that emanates from it, like a light and tenacious fragrance at the same time.

Periphery of the night until November 28 at the Institut d’art contemporain de Villeurbanne, www.ia-c.eu

Renaud Foundation at Fort de Vaise: magnetic Evaristo

Detail of Untitled, Evaristo, gouache, 1992, coll. Renaud Foundation – Photo Florence Chapuis

After the donation made by the family of the artist Evaristo to the Renaud Foundation in 2017, the latter is devoting a major exhibition to him in its heritage premises at Fort de Vaise. More than 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures are exhibited in the vaulted rooms, showing a very unique work.

Between brut art and abstract art, it unfolds in large colored canvases from the end of the 1950s, marked by extremely luminous reds which contrast with the often dark and morbid subjects. Many of her faces are screaming with big eyes while some of her landscapes are purely abstract, such as this magnificent Route d’Ardèche (1954) and that all of them bear witness to a splendid sense of color and composition.

Both dark and luminous, as if blazing from the inside, they call out with their variety and their contrasts. We also discover many drawings, on various subjects, from sketches of views of Lyon to imaginary creatures, often monstrous, scenes evoking exile to others depicting everyday life which show another facet of the artist who had its heyday in the 1970s.

As well as the sculptures, following the contours of the woods used, from which figures emerge as if extracted from the material!

Evaristo. Beyond the line: reflections of the soul. From October 24 to December 19 at the Renaud Foundation, www.fondation-renaud.fr

Variety at the Institut Lumière: astonishing Goldin

Nan Goldin was recently at the Lumière Festival to present the restored copy of Bette Gordon’s film, Variety which hits theaters on November 24, in which she had, at the time, played her own role.

The opportunity also to present a series of photos taken during the shooting by the famous American artist, who was still photographer on the film, some unpublished photos and Sirens, an absolutely strange short film made up of a maelstrom of images as astonishing as each other.

It is in an adventure in another dimension that takes us the one who has never ceased to photograph the night and its depravities before returning to more “appeased” subjects.

As is often the case with Nan Goldin, the colors collide, between darkness and artificial neon lights of shady nightclubs in New York in the 70s and 80s, sometimes blurry outlines and very particular framing. Around 35 large format photographs, a few quotes and an absolutely unclassifiable film form the corpus of this modest exhibition, which, nevertheless, is worth the trip.

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Exhibitions to see in Lyon and Villeurbanne in November: our three favorites

Hank Gilbert