EDF, proud to be the 1st energy company to obtain the ‘Customer Relationship France’ certification

What is EDF’s customer relationship strategy and what challenges does it address?

Our positioning is to be the energy company trusted partner of our clients, the one who is recognized for his expertise, his clear offers – with in particular innovations allowing to adapt to the new life aspirations of consumers – its support in the search for energy savings but also its respectful business practices. We handle requests with professionalism and transparency.

You recently obtained the “France Client Relations” certification from the AFRC and the Association Pro France, and the Client Director of the Year Award organized by the AFRC, what do these certification / distinction represent? in your eyes?

EDF is proud to be the first energy company to obtain the “Customer Relationship France” certification. Our client portfolio has nearly 24 million accounts, reconciling both the size of our portfolio and the personalization essential to generate an unforgettable experience for our client is a challenge. Being close to its customers contributes to this personalization. We want our advisors to experience the daily lives of our clients. This is why we have installed the set of our customer relations centers (internal or external) in France, which represents more than 5,000 advisers.

We contribute, through customer relationship chain, to maintain employment in the regions, to develop professional paths. Our customer relations centers are labeled “Committed to CSR “, label awarded by Afnor Certification and we ask our external partners to follow this approach. CSR also means developing integration and work-study programs! We are pursuing an active inclusion policy, with nearly 8% of our disabled client advisers and we place the emphasis on work-study programs since our centers welcome 300 new work-study trainees each year, half of them continuing their education and we are recruiting 20%.

The Palm for Client Director of the Year, awarded by the AFRC, recognizes the work of all the teams, not just mine, it attests that we are on the right track with one of the biggest client services, occupying a leadership position, but capable of re-examining, innovating, transforming to develop excellence.

You launched a customer experience program to strengthen engagement and bond with customers since taking office in 2019, and make it a differentiator, where are you at to date?

The customer experience is a strong strategic lever. Since 2019, we have launched this major program and we started by observing and appreciating the level of customer orientation in the management of the activity at the management level. Instead of resorting to batteries of slide (s), we offer managers a experiential journey to make them appreciate the customer experience as users. By capillarity, they become aware of the “tops” and “flops” of the customer experience offered by EDF.

We have defined markers that must be present in the offers and postures, when we address our customers. Finally, we have created an internal school whose training modules focus on soft skills to acquire key skills and which all advisers follow for their relationships with our clients, and all managers for their relationships with their teams.

This year we organized a competition to make this device tangible and create emulation. It went very well, 47 finalists embodied the quality of the speech by their recording and the winning consultant is recognized by all the teams.

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EDF, proud to be the 1st energy company to obtain the ‘Customer Relationship France’ certification