Disney +: The National Geographic documentary “COUSTEAU: FROM MAN TO LEGEND”, available exclusively from November 24

Disney + announces that COUSTEAU: FROM MAN TO LEGEND, the new National Geographic documentary feature film dedicated to the famous French explorer, will be available exclusively on the platform from Wednesday, November 24.

A true icon, Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau is one of the great adventurers and explorers of the 20th century. Equipped with revolutionary cameras, he crisscrossed the seas on the Calypso and filmed the wonders of the underwater world for THE WORLD OF SILENCE, Palme d’Or 1956 and Oscar® for best documentary. He has also produced several series, including LE MONDE SUB-MARIN DE COUSTEAU (1966) and L’ODYSSEE COUSTEAU (1997).

He is the author of more than fifty books on his experience at sea and Aqua-Lung, which has pushed the limits of scuba diving. After asking oil companies to finance his adventures on the world’s seas, he realized the importance of preserving the oceans.

From this realization, he then relentlessly alerted governments to ocean warming decades before the climate crisis hit the headlines. His visionary genius in the protection of Antarctica and his participation in the first Earth Summit in 1972 continue to inspire new generations.

Director Liz Garbus (repeatedly nominated for the Oscar® for best documentary) looked at 550 hours of archives and rare footage in order to let Jacques-Yves Cousteau tell his own life in pictures and through his interviews. It is the actor Vincent Cassel who lends his voice to the commander to embody this unique story. Beyond his commitment and his expeditions, COUSTEAU: DE L’HOMME A LA LEGENDE shows the man whom many people admired without really knowing him, with a family life marked by immense loss and above all his relationship with his greatest love: the sea.

COUSTEAU: FROM MAN TO LEGEND also relies on more than a hundred hours of audio recordings, interviews and testimonials from its employees and crew members. This intimate portrait also evokes the first wife and collaborator of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Simone Melchior (whom the Calypso crew nicknamed the Shepherdess), his family experiences, his second wife, Francine Triplet, the creation of the Cousteau company, the work extraordinary that its members accomplish, and the evolution of the commander himself, who has become one of the main environmental activists of the 20th century, whose words and images are now more indispensable than ever.

The documentary is produced by Oscar-winning Dan Cogan (ICARUS, THE APOLLO), Mridu Chandra (OUT IN THE NIGHT, ELECTORAL DYSFUNCTION, CURED), Evan Hayes (FREE SOLO) and Story Syndicate. Founded by Liz Garbus and Dan Cogan in 2019, this New York-based company produces quality shows and documentaries and is currently preparing or shooting 21 films and series for platforms such as National Geographic, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Apple, Amazon, FX , Discovery, etc.

National Geographic Documentary Films has produced FREE SOLO, distinguished at Oscars, Baftas, and winner of seven Emmy Awards, and The Cave (Oscar® nominated for best documentary and twice Emmy Award winner). Other critical successes of the company include PARADISE, HELL OF THE FLAMES by Ron Howard; SCIENCE FAIR and SEA OF SHADOWS (both audience awards at Sundance); LA 92 and JANE, Emmy nominees and Oscar finalists for best documentary in 2017; and HELL ON EARTH: THE FALL OF SYRIA AND THE RISE OF ISIS, winner of the Dupont Prize.

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Disney +: The National Geographic documentary “COUSTEAU: FROM MAN TO LEGEND”, available exclusively from November 24