Did you like Squid Game? Here are five movies you should love

It’s undeniable, Squid Game is “the” series of the moment. All good things have an end, here are five films for those who have already finished (and enjoyed) the nine episodes of the show, and for all the thrill seekers!

Impossible to escape it! Everyone talks about it, at home, in the office, sometimes even in schoolyards. It is certain, the series Squid Game, offered on Netflix, in “the” great sensation of the moment and even of the year. Difficult to find a subscriber to the platform who has not succumbed to the poisonous charm of the Korean series. In just a few short weeks, the infamous giant doll featured in the first game has become cult, as the many signs shown on screen have questioned fans. Not a word obviously on the conclusion of the nine episodes of the show, even if the creator of the series revealed that an amazing character almost won the game. of the last episode find themselves helpless. For all of them, and for all those looking for very strong sensations, other series on Netflix are worth a look. And the cinema is not to be outdone, the proof with these five films which will please all the freaks of Squid Game.

This is obviously the very first influence that moviegoers will have spotted for Squid Game. Same principle of game to death, same action to the end, same very dark humor. With the difference that the participants in the game here are minors, and not at all voluntary. Prophetic, trashy, provocative and iconoclastic, Kinji Fukasaku’s film has become a major influence in contemporary cinema.

A strong saga of four films, themselves compared to Battle royale previously quoted (when you are told that it is a cult work!) which they use the same principle with young people subjected to barbaric games. Having become the leader of the resistance in spite of herself, Katniss is reminiscent of Seong Gi-Hun, the unlikely hero of Squid Game.

Did you love the devious games of men in pink? Then this little horror gem is for you! Six people wake up in a strange, closed room. Only doors allow you to try to get out, but they hide deadly traps. Suspense, innocent victims, strategies, all of this reminds you of nothing?

Okay, basically, not much to do between the Netflix series and Bong Joon Ho’s masterpiece, Palme d’Or at Cannes and Oscar for best film in 2020, apart from nationality. However, there is a similarity, in the atmosphere which is by turns dark and luminous, in this strange mixture of genres which Korean cinema seems to be fond of, and in the very marked play of the actors, who are willingly excessive in their reactions to it. ‘screen.

Another essential element of the universe of Squid Game, the masks, worn by the various employees, the leader and the clients of the “squid game”. And in the genre, American Nightmare arises as a reference. During this night when all violence is permitted, the attackers are almost all made up, masked, disguised, in the most frightening way possible. A trademark that has tended to grow over the course of this saga and that will appeal to all lovers of thrills.

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Did you like Squid Game? Here are five movies you should love

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